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Trifecta of Evil: Test P, Tren A & D-Bol


hey guys, sorry I am reposting this because my other post was not approporiate in information and format.

Third cycle.

35mg ED Tren A = 245mg/wk
100mg ED Test P = 700mg/wk
30mg Dbol ED = 210mg/wk

I will run an AI, L-Fem. Throughtout. (3.5 mg/week)

Standard Nolvadex PCT.

Any input, comments, recommendations?

Thanks ahead of time

P.S. how can you link cycles?
right now I am on 100mg ED Test Prop. Can i hop right into that cycle, or do i need to pct n wait a few weeks?




Can you outline the cycle you are presently doing so we can know how best to advise? Please include how far along you are in the present cycle and how long before you finish and whether you plan PCT when you finish or want to jump immediately into what would then be phase two of your cycle. That would make it quite a long and suppressive cycle...


The cycle itself looks good to me, but your post script raises a bit of a red flag. You are talking about "cycling" from 700mg test prop/w to 700mg test prop/w plus tren and dbol. Huh?

Also you hardly give us any information to work with at all.


It's the Trinity of Evil. What exactly are you trying to do? Bridge into this cycle and throw the thought of recovery out the window? I'm not a fan of a mere SERM PCT.


Why, what else should he do?

With these short-actings, and the aromatase inhibitor having a longer duration of action that the testosterone propionate and of course the Dianabol, there would be no point in his continuing running an AI as well.


Roberto you are correct.


If you are a normal guy who wants to reap the benefits of AAS but not cause any long term lasting damage to your HPTA, then 3-4 days after your current cycle begin 2 weeks with 40mg Tamoxifen, followed by another 2 at 20mg and then have the exact time off AAS as your last cycle length. THEN begin the next cycle after that time has elapsed.

Much of what you lose will be regained quickly if you eat and train consistently as possible (high protein, controlled low GI carbs, mod fat, high intensity, mod/low volume work. Consistent sessions..)

JMO however.


additional info.

4 weeks into an 8 week 100mg ED test prop cycle. Running an AI right now.

If I am able to bridge the 2 cycles, the total shut down time would not exceed 14 weeks... while running AI the whole time, then a good PCT (nolva protocol) and full 4 months off.

Am I wrong?

Could someone explain Bill roberts comment? not undesrtanding the sarcasm or jsut the lingo lol.

THanks for the input guys, dont get heated, just looking for help here.

What I am ordering is

750mg Test P---
250mg Tren A----------all measurements are per week. ED injections (besides D-bol obviously)
250mg Dbol ---

I will havetwo or one extra thousand mg of test p left over, so I might increade dosage, but will not go over 1000 mg/week.

I will run an AI throughthout unless you guys tell me otherwise.


also have the option to order

625mg Test
375mg Tren
250mg Dbol

What do you guys think


You are in your second cycle are you not? You should be aware that it is NOT necessary to increase doses EVERY time you cycle.

Dont get me wrong, i think it is a decent cycle and dose - but it is likely a little more than you will need to gain well, with cost rising faster than gains.

I think you are going too fast mate. If 700mg test works for you, then stick with it till it stops.. and that wont be for some time. You would of course add further anabolics, increasing the total dose, but the test is fine at that dose for a number of cycle. You see what i mean?

My opinion, come off and cycle seperately. 14 weeks is a long time for suppression, and for a second cycle.. well - it is just not a good idea. That said, i cant imagine any situation where i would recommend someone skip PCT between cycles when they have every chance at recovery and a 'normal' life using AAS.

It whiffs of greed to me - you like the gains etc. and dont want them to stop - dont get me wrong, it isnt rare and it has affected me in the past too - but i feel obligated to point it out to you - so you have all the angles to make the best decision for your health.

Be wary of the fact that we ALL never want to come off.. but that makes the next cycle better - staying on simply will not produce the same gains as seperate cycles will - make use of that fact while recovery is easiest.



that makes a lot of sense, and i will most likely do that. Still putting the order through today but i will just start later.

what if i stop my 100mg ed test p cycle now and pct,then wait and get started on the next cycle. I will be able to do a huge frontload with the 1000mg of test i will have left over.


I think you just missed what my mate just said.


are you sure you are understanding what i am tryin to say?

I want to seize my current cycle a d completely recover. Do full PCT and take a few weeks off. THEN start the second cycle.

If i am still wrong, then i will finish this cycle and start second one when i am fully recovered in several months.


You seem to be completely confused as to what you are doing. Why do you want to stop your current cycle? Is it so you think you can start another one sooner with more compounds so the gains will be much better? I am currently running test and tren as well, and love it, but you may not.

Is the cycle you are on right now not yielding any gains? If that is the case then throwing in tren with your test likely wont make that much of a difference. AAS can be extremely rewarding in terms of mass, strength, and confidence if they are treated with respect and you are eating, training, and getting as much rest as your body requires.

To date I have never stopped a cycle early as I have made gains on all of them and would not stop making gains.

Something to think about



You seem to be completely confused as to what you are doing. Why do you want to stop your current cycle? Is it so you think you can start another one sooner with more compounds so the gains will be much better? I am currently running test and tren as well, and love it, but you may not.

That is exactly why i want to seize my cycle. I have ran the trinity before and loved it, not lovin the test alone too much. Its a slow progress, but i guess i can ride it out.



You seem amiable enough, but come off as very ADD or ADHD (attention deficit (hyperactive) disorder). You jump impetuously from one idea to the next, often expressing yourself in such a rush as to not come across clearly. Then you try to clarify repeatedly.

Try to calm down, plan things out and stick to your plan. I think you'll be rewarded with better gains if you focus on that.


TB, the issues are arising because you have gone suddenly from; skipping from one cycle to the next, to stopping this one prematurely in order to PCT, recover and start again. Less haste more speed.

You are STILL in a rush. It doesnt matter if you cram every cycle together, it still will take time to achieve your goals (unless they are very low..)

Slow down, eat well and train hard, recover and run your full cycles. Enjoy them and make the most of each.

PCT, recover, train naturally and healthily for a time - preferably until a plateau (IMO), then blast another one out.

There is no need to stop early. There is no recommendation to do that OR to continue with no break.

At the end of the day, it is your choice, your body, your money - but be aware there are many people here with a lot of experience - not just read/researched experience (as anyone can read up on things) but those who have done as you are suggesting (stopping early and/or not coming off) and they know from first hand experience that neither are recommended here.
It is only wise to stop a cycle early for extrenal pressures or to curb out of control sides. It is rarely wise to skip PCT when one is planned.

Good luck and make the most of each cycle - dont slack off on the current one simply because you are looking forward to the next.