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Trifecta Help


I've run most of these independently or in conjunction with another but this is the first time running all of them together and completing a true "Trifecta" cycle. Question: Should I be running less test than I would normally? Ive run up to 1gm a week of test-e by itself but thinking with these others i dont need to go so high, here is what im thinking:

Week 1-12 Test Cyp 250mg - 1.5ML E3D
Week 1-6 DBol 50mg ED
Week 1-10 Deca 200mg E3D
Week 13-18 Nolva 20mg 2x/D
Week 1-18 If Necessary, Adex 0.25mg As Needed (taper last 2 wks)

Your feedback is appreciated, great board guys.


Looks good to me bruv.

Few points:

1) Deca never need to be above 400mg/wk for most of us IMO - the sides will begin to creep up disproportionately to the results.
2)Even if you dont need adex on a gram of test (i assume you dont if you are not sure if you need it here) then i am willing to wager you may well with this cycle.
3) Your Test cyp dose.. is that 375mg E3D? - So equivalent to 875mg? (i think?) I think that is a good dose within a stack, for someone who runs it at 1g/wk alone.

I like the cycle - cant go wrong - something that may be of interest i tried the test and deca frontloaded fully, then ran the dbol from the half way point.. 'twas nice.



Oh another point -

I B+C.. if i didnt then i would have opted for an 8 week cycle.. frontloading the injectables and dosing the dbol from the beginning... and running a test only dose for the last 2 weeks.

Much better on recovery and still nice on gains.



yea, funny you mentioned that. 1gm a week was cool until the about the 13th week, i ran a TOTAL 16wks plus taper. the last few weeks i had some gyno pop up itchy/sore etc.

when you say "test and deca frontloaded fully" i wasnt planning on easing into it, im assuming thats what you meant. Stick and go from day one. Are you saying dont add the dbol until 3-4wks in?

Thanks Brook!


No.. a frontload is doing a larger dose for the first injection then following with normal planned dose.

Due to the ester length of the drugs - they take a certain amount of time to build peak blood levels.. this is anywhere from about 3 weeks for a prop ester to around 7 weeks for an undeclynate ester.

If you frontload you do with a calculated amount that gives the week 7 (or 3) level from the first injection.

I wasnt saying you should wait to add the dbol - just that it is an option.. i did it so i could gain from the Test/deca in the first 6 weeks and then add dbol as gains slowed..



gotcha, good advice. How do you calculate those levels? Is deca the same as test with regards to duration to peak levels?



This is the tool i use regularly.



Mixing question, in your experience, what's the best way to mix deca/testo for single injection


With a food processor, on setting #2.

lol I kid.

Are you asking how to get them both in the same syringe without contanminating one or the other? If so, then draw one up normally, draw the amount of air you need (1ml worht of air if you want 1ml of deca) , inject that air into the next vial then draw the oil to the desired mark.


This website no longer works


If you were to go on a Ketosis diet and take these compounds in the trifecta (d-bol,test,decca) would you still get ripped? I ask this because i know that this stack is meant for bulking.


Question about the Trifecta? At the first sign of itchy sore nipples should i start the adex immediately or wait? Seems to come and go at this point, .5mg EOD?


Gyno does not appear instantly so it is possible you are beginning to develop it. If you know how your body feels when you are getting gyno, and this feels the same way, start the Adex now. Don't wait for an actual lump to develop.

Make sure you actually have itchy nipples because of gyno and not because they are just itchy from psychological reasons coupled with contact from your shirt or whatever.

Since you are using Deca I assume you know how much testosterone it takes for you to get gyno. Because if you don't you may not be able to tell if the gyno is from the test alone or a combination of factors.




i started the adex, been running since this last post, small lump still there but doesn't seem like its growing anymore. got a nice set of the nice sweats, feeling stronger everyday.


Are you planning on running your original length cycle or have you reconfigured?


gyno is under control and im still running, have about 4 weeks left. Kinda a long cycle for me but the gains are still building. im going to run a long taper.


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forgot to mention, sore joints in the wrist and elbows, is this from the deca or am i just too much of an animal in the gym? Im assuming its from the deca, never had it just from test before.


deca is supposed to have the opposite effect. It is supposed to promote very painfree joints.