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Trif_m Get Lean Log

Hi. I am starting this log because to track my progress as I try to get leaner.

I. My stats:

  • weight: 209 lbs
  • body fat %: around 20% but then again I’m only guessing so I could be way off track.
  • height: 5 '10
  • training age: 2 years
  • previous training:
    • 12 months wasted my time and money doing high rep isolation exercises
    • mixed pyramid training
    • heavy low rep multi-joint exercises periods followed by 8 -12 rep multi joint and isolation exercises periods (my best gains may I add - doubled my bench during 6 months)

II. Why I am doing this:

Bulking gone wild and my gut width is getting out of control (too much visceral fat).

III. What I indent to do:

In the past I tried the “all perfect” approach to fat loss. Calculating calories, training time, supplements, cardio sessions bla bla.

But all attempts failed it failed ( there were a lot may i add :P). The thing is that I was trying to hard to fast and I got burned out early.

So now I am taking a different aproach. During a span of 12 weeks I will be setting goals for each week and only pass to something more hardcore once the goal is achieved. Each week will have photos.

Also I will be adding motivational photos to the thread (an attempt to lure you in :stuck_out_tongue: ;)).

Goals for week #1:

 Lately I have been very busy. I confounded a business and to get it up and running requires a lot of hours of desk work. I don't drink coffee so soda was a replacement to keep me awake. Also working till 2-3 in the morning lead to some late night trips to the refrigerator. 

 Eliminating this two will cut calorie intake considerably. Also the sugar in the soda raises insulin levels and makes fat loss impossible. So cutting it out will be a critical to me being successful at getting lean.

pictures will follow shortly. A motivational pic will do for now ;).

Thanks for reading this!

here is a back pic. more to come in the future.


Day #1 everything went real smooth and I am o track with the simple goals I set out for my self this week.

Day #2. My head hurts. My body is already starting to miss the caffeine in the soda. Did any one of you experience this when they gave up soda.

You have caffeine withdrawls, it happens.

The girl in that last picture is amazingly hot. Me likey.

I’m glad you likey. Stop by more often every update will have a motivational picture such as this :wink:

^^^^ Here is why I still visit bodybuilding.com ^^^^

day #2 update. I managed to keep off the soda and to control meal timing and rations a little better.

I will not be going to the gym this week because:

  • I did a full 12 weeks heavy lifting without more then 1-2 days of rest between sessions and by this point I am filing beat down and am going to listen to my body and give it some recovery time and rather focus this first two weeks of the cut cycle on getting the diet part right.

  • Work assignments are making going to the gym quite difficult, but on the bright side it involves a Lot of NEPA walks.

^^^^ Motivational Picture Update - Day 4 ^^^^^

Day 3 - on course with goals. Very long Day.

Worked from 11 am to 11 pm, physical work and didn’t get to eat during the day except from some bread and water.
On the bright side there was a serious caloric deficit that day.

Day 4 - Woke up tired. The scale has already started moving down but I am not concerned with this now. Starting next week I am going to take weekly measurements / weigh ins / photos. Still no gym.

Day 4 - update - Just came home from an awesome bbq. Still on course with goals.

^^^ MotiPic day #5 ^^^

Day 5 - still on course, a little sleepy. Off to work. Work = a lot of NEPA walks.

Day 5 Update - a grueling day at work, spent most of the day distributing magazines to different areas of town. On the bright side nice NEPA walks.

Also I am experiencing a interesting thing - my gut tends to look bigger or the same even is the scale shows that I am losing weight and it is like my skin is a lot looser now.

I read in one of Shugart’s articles that it is frustrating at first because you lose visceral fat so the progress isn’t visible for a while. Maybe that’s what I am experiencing and is so then great because there is a lower risk of hearth attack for me.

So far week 1 has been going great and I am waiting forward to adding weight training back.

Also I have been reading the discussion on Ideal body measurements from the T-Cell Alpha and want to give my 2 cents on the topic. I don’t agree that a person has to have X cm biceps and Y calves to look ideal. What I do agree is that you need to respect the proportion between body parts.

I used this here http://www.sandowmuseum.com/ideal.html to calculate my ideal proportions and I am pleased to say that I am almost there with the exception of my GUT that needs serious work. ( 15 cm to lose!!!)

Tomorrow I will begin searching T-Nation.com for an article on abs training to “tighten” the abs. (I don’t know if I expressed correctly what I want here. not a native English speaker. sorry.) Anyone can spare me the hassle by posting a link to one good article on the topic.

^^^ Motivational Pic DAY 6. Jamie Eason ^^^^

Day 6 - woke up a bit hungry. I think that maybe I am decreasing calories to low taking in account the activeness level of the past days. I hope I will do a carb refill today. Now it’s off to work again. mhhh Nepa Walks

Day 6 update - had A carb refill and it hit the spot. I feel like I have more energy now. Tomorrow is rest day and starting next week it is gym time!

^^^ DAY 7 ^^^

Made it the first week of cut. measurements and photos later in the day.

Here is progress pic for week 1. Not very good, be will bet better soon, I hope ;)).

^^^^ DAY 8 ^^^^

Day 8 - Woke early in the morning. It is work time. work = Nepa walks

^^^ Day 9 ^^^

Day 9 - Couldn’t make it to the gym because of work obligations.

    This week I am trying to reduce carbs intake besides eliminating soda and late night eating. When I get back to the gym I am thinking of doing some HIT interval training like Lactic Acid Training for Fat Loss http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=724381

^^^^ DAY 16 ^^^^

Been crazy busy lately. Did jack this week as far as pursuing my fitness goals goes.
Saturday I got a good (superb)dose of motivation and this week to come I am ready to kick some body fat percentage ass! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also , there was one thread in the forums on how you would like to look.
I find this build suites me perfectly.

I don’t want to get to big because it makes working with people more difficult. Plus, the majority of people don’t take you seriously as an intellectual.

Did anyone here have any problems at work for being to “big”? (I am using “” because compared to most T-Nation veterans I am puny but compared to the traditional corporate worker I am huge ;))).

Slow week. Same situation did pretty much jack fitness wise.

I would blame it on the long working hours but I would just be rationalizing (and Shugart might kick my ass for that may I add :P) so I wont.

Reducing carbs this weekend and the next week it is off to the gym. No more excuses.

Just a motivational pic update. Nothing much to report on the fat loss. Today sucked but I learned an important lesson.

^^ This picture always motivates me. Big and ripped. Yeah buddy. Just a matter of time^^

Recently got a chance to look at the 10/10 program by Chad and it sounds good. cant wait to start it.