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"Tried & True BB Program", Ramping Weight?

Morning all,

I’ve decided to try the attached programme and just wondered if on the sets you are supposed to keep the weight the same of ramp it up on each sets?

For the main lifts (first lift of the day), it makes sense to ramp up in each working set but not for the smaller muscle groups or accessory work.

Would be grateful for anyone whose done this and what they did.

Thanks all.

I ramp up my first exercises or anything compound where I can actually go heavy. Maybe I just want to work to a top set, but I’m supposed to do 3 sets, so I’ll “count” the last 3:

If I’m doing dumbbell incline presses, and I’m going to do 100s x 8 for my top set, I might do:
30/ 12
45/ 12
60/ 10
80/8 --> this ends up being a “working” set

If this was my second exercise of the day, I’m probably not doing the sets with the 30s and the 45s.

Now, if I’ve done most my day and I am supposed to do 3 sets of 12 on lateral raises, I just pick up the 25s (or whatever requires me to move the absolute fewest steps possible, because I’m lazy) and knock them out.

Make sense?

Yes it does thank you. I was trying to figure out (using your example) whether to do 3 working sets at say 90 or as yours above (1 set at 80, 1 at 90 and 1 at 100).

I’ll try your method next time.


It doesn’t matter, but make sure you take your last set to failure.

If you haven’t read the thread about muscle growth in Paul’s forum, then catch up. Follow his advice and apply it to this program.

After reading 370 odd posts on that thread, I have to say it’s really opened my eyes (and inspired me).

Following on from the 10-12 sets rule, then for that programme I’d have to do 3 working sets on the compound lift get 10 overall. So the chest (we all love chest) example would be:

Bench 5x5 (but only 3 of those sets are working sets, should I take them all to failure?) ramping weights up?

DB incline 3x 6-10 same weight throughout but all sets are max intensity.

Fly 4x10-20 again all to failure.

I guess the 3 working sets on the first exercise might take some figuring out.

Unless anyone has any better ideas or programmes out there?

I’m basically following a Bro split like Tried & True, but I’m following methods instead of sets and reps.

My split is legs, shoulders, back, chest, repeat. I don’t sweat it if I miss a day here and there.

I’ve kind of used CT’s Best Damn Workout For Naturals as a guide. That program uses two preparation sets followed by one set to failure using different methods.

I use heavy rest/pause, myo sets, drop sets, 21s (full/top half/bottom half reps), mTor reps, 350 sets, 50% sets, and the list goes on.

The common theme is going to failure. The cool thing about using different methods is that I reach failure at different rep ranges.

You’re getting confused because Tried & True uses strength work. Everything in Paul’s thread is geared towards muscle growth, so forget about it for strength work (it’s still good stuff, but it can confuse you).

I actually started running Tried & True not long ago, but I like what I’m doing now much more. Use the template to structure your program, but use different techniques.

For example:

Bench - 2 prep sets to build up to your working weight and then an all out double rest/pause set. (1 working set)

DB Incline - 2 prep sets to find your working weight and then a myo set (shoot for failure around 8-12 reps)

Flys - 3 sets of mTor reps (5 sec eccentrics). The last set is all out failure and then you do an isometric hold/stretch as long as you can.

That’s only three real sets in that workout. Do it twice in a week and it’s six.

To increase your “work” sets you can take all of the mTor sets to failure and/or do another exercise.

See how easy it is to do junk volume?

Check out my back workout from today. I’m still learning about new ways to push my training and today was a breakthrough day.

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Thank you so much for you help with this. I’ve looked at your log and will copy some of your workouts If that’s ok. I’ll post what this looks like when I’ve written it out.

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So following the advice from Paul’s thread, I’m going to run this for a while and see how it goes. Example chest workout.

2 working weight sets 6-8
1 set failure with rest pause

DB bench
3 sets 8-12 reps (all same weight)
The last set will be to failure with MYO (3s I call them now so I remember)

4 sets 10-15 all MTOR (5 second lowers) to failure

So the key is 1 big compound 6-8 reps with failure on last set, but with 2 good working sets before. Then 3 sets of a good secondary exercise to rep form failure but the last set to proper failure with clusters.

Then an isolation exercise same weight throughout all to failure. I’m hoping that’s not too much volume and not too little.

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Looks like a Best Damn Workout approach for chest day. It’s pretty similar to what I’ve been doing and I feel good. It’s too soon to judge results though.