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Tried Squatting with Plates Under Heels, Now I Need Some Advice

I squat high bar with a shoulder-width stance and always aim for ass-to-grass squats. I always felt like I was falling forward and unstable ascending in the squat. The weight always felt like it was concentrated on my quads and knees rather than being hip-dominant.

So yesterday I tried putting plates underneath my heels to try and simulate the heel lift of olympic weightlifting shoes. Though it felt awkward stepping on something else on the walkout of the squat, I instantly felt more stable going up and actually felt myself using my hip and glutes more to accomplish the squat. Needless to say, I now find myself more comfortable with plates under my heels than just flat feet.

I’m asking for advice on how to proceed after this since just I’ve been squatting and reading about the technique for about half a year now, and this is getting complicated. Taking note of my first “version” (no plates) of the squat, do I have mobility problems, and if so, can I work on them to improve my technique/pattern? Are there any squat cues that can help? Or should I invest in squat shoes since I seem to be more comfortable in raised heels?

Thank you! Any feedback would be appreciated!

No shame in using weightlifting shoes to squat in. They work well for that purpose.

Any particular reason you squat high bar always aiming for ass to grass?

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Get weightlifting shoes some of us need them and yes you may have bad ankle mobility as I do weightlifting shoes changed my squating game and I’m not built to squat at all 6’3 long legs short torso.

Thanks for the reply! Might get a pair of Romaleos if I can find them. I squat high bar cause when I tried low bar squatting I couldn’t really “pinch” the bar between my hands and upper back enough to feel secure. As for the ass to grass squats, I sorta just feel more comfortable with it for some reason.

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I realized I “liked” this post, but I gotta say; those are honestly some of the best reasons I’ve ever seen for someone picking a movement. You have no idea how happy I am that you didn’t say something silly like “ATG gets more gains” or “high bar is more athletic”.

And I know that looks like I’m being sarcastic but I’m really really not. You’ve already cut through so much bullshit most beginners aren’t ever going to get through. There is a lot of hope for your future.


I’ll also throw in an endorsement for weightlifting shoes. I have Adidas Powerlift 2.0 and they’re great

If you can’t afford powerlifts right now a good cheaper option are the Wei Rues I use the ones with the wooden heel just feels more stable

I got the cheapest pair of Do-wins I could find and they’ve been nice, but I have nothing to compare them to.

I almost shed tears of joy.


I use this product called wodLIFTS. They’re basically heel inserts about the height of a 5lb plate.

Those look pretty cool. You don’t happen to wear a 13+ size do you? Their largest says 10.5+, but I’m curious how it would fit in a size 14.

Nope. I have small feet haha. Maybe you can try asking them directly on their site,

delicate little geisha girl feet. I can just imagine you hiding your face behind a fan and blushing, you cutie

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Aw come on. i hardly ever do that anymore.

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