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Tried Spike Today and . . .


. . . Did not feel a thing.


Maybe if I just say on it for a while I'll start to feel something?


Did you go to the gym? That's where you'll see the difference.


On the bottle:


At the beginning of the bottle, I felt more mentally alert. By the end of the bottle, I could take two capsules and fall asleep. Maybe I just wasn't getting enough sleep? (I know I wasn't getting enough sleep.) I'm not sure if that makes a difference.


I get the feeling that some people expect an ephedra-like buzz when using Spike, but that's not what it's about.

Spike gives me mental clarity and the ability to focus like never before for the entire day -- no mental fatigue. Ephedra makes my head spin and I can't concentrate worth a damn when using it.

Does this help?


Ah, good point! I'll find out tomorrow.


Some people need to max dose. I'm fine on 1 capsule, but don't knock it until you try it a few days with all the dosing options.


I realize this. I experienced nada. BUT, this is just the first day. If after two more days and nothing changes I'll try two.


This is a post on the "I am Spiked" thread that describes the optimal experience perfectly:

"Just took Spike this morning and I am through the roof! It works just as advertised, energy and alertness without the jitteriness associated with caffeine.

"Physical and mental energy is at a high level with mild euphoria. I work at NASA and I have to say I think the scientists and astronauts would greatly benefit from this product, it would increase productivity and physical endurance."


When I take Spike I chase it with a warm green tea. Oddly enough it seems that the cold green tea doesn't work the same. Possibly the increased permeability of the stomach due to increased blood flow?

Either way, try Spike on an empty stomach chased with a warm beverage. That seems to lessen the time to prime for me.


Damn I wish that were me. Understand I'm not ripping on Spike. It obviously works.


Spike worked amazingly well for me. I have always been responsive to stimulants, or any supplement, for that matter. Unfortunately, I would always wake up with a headache the next day....ARGG!!!!

Unbelievable concentration, a feeling of a 2 beer buzz that lasts for about 6 hours, increased focus, energy...


I find Spike very interesting. No buzz or speed, which is great, but a heightened sense of clarity and vigor. I've even given a few away and other people have said the same thing, usualy followed by "What the hell is that stuff?", and "How does it do that?".


I was taking 1 capsle prior to my socialogy and history classes. It definitly helped keep me focused. Unfortunatly, by the time I got to the gym 8 hours later the effect had worn off. Now I Spike before I work out.

If you arn't getting much sleep, I think the effect will be a lot less intense. That's been my problem lately. I'm about to order anouther bottle of the new stuff. I'm a believer.