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Tried Spike This Week


So, I tried the Spike tablets this week - followed instructions exactly as specified on box.

Took 1 tab once a day for 3 days, didn't feel anything.

Then, yesterday before workout, -75min WO, took 2 tabs. I was expecting a pretty decent jolt at the gym but ended up running outta gas 1/2 way thru workout. I bullied it thru and completed WO while still keeping it light volume. ( All other pre-peri-post WO protocol was same)

Disappointing - anyone else a non-responder to the Spike tabs?


I love Spike tabs. Do you take/used to take other stimulants?


Pfft! Try taking 3 tabs or drinking a Spike Shooter a hour before bed and watch what happens. Spike is one of the greatest supps I've ever come across.

OP = nonsense


How many tabs do you take and when prior to your workout?

Currently, I take a quad espresso about 20 mins before working out - make it at my house then drive to gym.

That is my stim...been doing it for 9 yrs and it still works, no drop off or adaptation. I don't take any type of stim or coffee on days off from gym.


What does OP stand for? Official Protocol?

I have heard such great things about Spike and was disappointed to not get results I thought I would...

Tabs not as effective as can version?


The drinks are entirely different from the tablets (different ingredients.)

Different people respond differently. It's entirely possible for a person to be a non-responder, though it's unusual in this case. I'm sorry that they didn't do anything for you. You can obtain a refund if purchased through the website -- I don't know if that's the case if purchased locally though.


Every version of Spike has it's own formula so they all do different things. When I have alot of reading/work to do I use the tabs, when I need instant get up and go I reach for a Shooter.


Yes, Spike tabs also do nothing for me. The drink however provides a noticeable effect.


OP is the original poster. whoever started the thread.


Tabs or can did nothing for me as well.

though I had a client say they wired him up.


Ha ha! That's me!



Have you tried taking two (or maybe even three) pills?


Thanks for the link - I hadn't read that article before.

I typically need a pretty strong jolt for a stimulant to work for me (ergo the quad espresso pre-workout). I have tried 2 tabs 75 mins pre-WO with no results. I will try 3 tomorrow since it's an earlier WO in the day and won't affect sleep later.

Dave Tate takes 4, 280lbs or so - me at 220, 3 tabs could be just right for body chemistry.


Spike tabs produce more a focusing effect for me, but nothing in terms of an energy boost.


When I first took Spike I was drinking a lot of coffee, 5-6 cups a day. I found that one or two tabs alone did nothing for me. Then I tried two tabs with a cup of coffee and some moderately complex carbs (I forget what exactly). The effect was awe inspiring. Everything seemed to slow down and I could barely feel pain.

I admit, I haven't used Spike since then as I realized my main hurdles are not hurting myself and eating enough. I have also reduced my coffee intake, so a stiff espresso is the most stim I need now.

My main observation about Spike is that you need to have your normal amount of caffeine in you for it to kick in, and you need a good meal to run off of.


I gave a Shooter to a friend of mine recently who had been working all day (at this point its around 11 pm). After he got through half of it, he said "I think I'm going to stop drinking this now, I feel like its noon again..."


How about this stack?:

Quad Espresso
2 Spike Tabs
1 Serving Power Drive
Surge Recovery during workout


The first time i had Spike tabs i popped two pills then fell asleep.

this was taken on a very empty stomach. I feel asleep wait for a meal.


Then i started taking Spike with an amino acid product and it really started to work. my focus was unreal, Hit the training session with the ut most force and power. was awesome. Then i started to take jack3d and really liked it. so i had this great idea to "stack" Spike with jack3d and purple wrath. What followed was one of the best workouts. I Felt like doing sets inbetween sets.

but i only take stims when im really draging or when im training with mates and we wanna hit the weights harder then normal. but you shouldnt need them, just the thought of training gets me amped most days