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Tried OH Squats Last Night

Google for overhead squats and out of 8 billion pages or so, guess what comes up?  

Our very own Dan John’s site. With an excellent article about my new favorite lift.

After reading about his experience with the lift, I had a go at them last night. If you’ve never tried them before, definitely “just” add a few in…be ready to be surprised.

An interesting aside–after doing the OH squats last night, the FRONT of my calves (the muscles to the outsides of my shin bones) are sore as HELL. Weirdness…I’ve never gotten that area sore before.


sounds like those dorsiflexors (tibialis anterior) were firing to keep you from falling backwards on your ass.

Oooooh look who can use long words! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work dude. I’ve become addicted to the clean and jerk myself. It’s great when you find a new, awesome exercise to do.

I have the hardest damn time trying to do OH squats. Burns my right shoulder like a mother fricker if I have any kind of weight on the bar.


Nothing like a big serving of “humble pie”.