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Tried Nitric Oxide Supp...


I was going to buy White Flood, but I decided to try a free sample of NANO Vapor first that I had laying around the house. I felt great before I went to the gym, but while lifting, my heart was racing and I felt completely out of breath a lot quicker than normal. I also just felt physically terrible (hard to describe exactly but just hurt a lot more than normal and felt very unpleasant) when pushing out the last rep.

I have been taking creatine and love it, but this stuff was a different story. Is this just because Nano Vapor is garbage, or do some people react to caffeine/nitrix oxide supps like this?


Everyone's gonna react a little different to certain supplement combos, especially if you've never really used them before.

I tried NANO and didn't have any problems, you could try reducing the dosage a little though, or taking it with more water. There's no denying that NO products work, you just got to try to find one that works for you.

Check out Supercharged. I like it, tastes better than most, and I havent heard of anyone having problems with it.



I was under the impression that they were completely useless.

How do they work?


Another reason not to waste money on unproven/misleading science.


Maybe he's from a parallel universe.


They work for the purpose of what they want to achieve... Dilating vessels and allowing for more 'nutrients' to enter the muscle while also giving you extra energy.

But there is limited evidence to prove whether or not that actually increase muscle growth faster then any other supplement/food


Damn, talk about coming under fire. Thanks mckdean. For higher intensity/ pumps/ and sometimes stamina, preworkout supps with NO and caffeine work. I'm not a scientist and don't know or care what cells do this and that and yadda yadda, but I use them with satisfied results.

If you really are so misinformed that they're useless, and not actually challenging someone just to be an A-hole, then go do some research on the benefits of arganine and caffeine when it comes to physical activity.

I guarantee you'll see more positive than negative.


I'm like 99% certain the only supplement with any reliable studies done on it would be Creatine Monohydrate, usually an ingredient in NO supps. So what part is actually helping you? I'd say the creatine and caffeine.


I read an article here (don't remember what it was called) where they talked about a study done with NO. Said that there was no measureable benefit until an immense (excessive would be a good word to describe it, too) amount was ingested and at that point it was giving the test subjects stomach aches.

So the final word from that was that NO products are basically a waste of money and don't do anything. I took NO2 for a couple years when it first came out, then switched to Nitrix, then switched to their powder (don't remember what it's called, same company that makes Nitrix) that also included a bunch of other stuff along with Arginine.

I will say I thought the powder helped, but could have been a placebo effect or just all the other stuff that was with it for all I know. As for the NO2 and Nitrix, it was too early in my lifting age for me to be able to tell if it helped or not.



Read this article (and part two). If you don't understand half of what is being said, you have no business saying what works. If you do understand more than half of what is written, you will never use arginine again.



part two


Dr. Di Mauro Diapa---whatever his name is, is a big proponent Arginine and puts it in a lot of his supplements (which I believe is what the NO actually is).

Biotest doesn't bother with N.O. because they are under the impression that there are no lasting gains from N.O. products and that the gains (i.e. the pump) isn't something you really keep in the long term, or really even much in the short term, and that instead they just make your veins pop out (which is obvious).

Based on all the research I've done I think there is some benefit from N.O. but there are far better ways to gain muscle, such as the Biotest's products that cause an insulin spike like Surge.

I use the N.O. type products when I'm cutting, because I'm not looking for an Insulin Spike because I'm trying to get my fat % down as low as possible. So I think these types of things are worth it during the cutting phases.

But if you're trying to pack on muscle then go check out Thibs workout nutrition thread. I'm convinced that Insulin Spikes (i.e. Surge Recovery) are the best way to pack on muscle, but I'm also of the opinion that they are unnecessary for cutting.

All that being said, it sounds like Anaconda is going to be low carb, and therefore would make a good cutting supplement, which will probably make these N.O. products obsolete.


Ok, ok. I have inserted foot into mouth. I spoke in haste, so disregard my earlier comment.

You guys are a fucking pack of wolves! But thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Looks like I learned something new today.


Check out this link and make up your mind about the hype.



I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed. Not many people have the humility to admit they are wrong even on an anonymous forum.


Ahh, there's too many internet jockeys to contend with if I want to play asshole. In my position I learned from early on to listen to good sense. Kudos for not being a dick tho, 'ppreciate it.


Do you realize that training does this all by itself?


I bought into the hype a few years back. Then when I started educating myself with studies done (the big one for me was Dr. Barr's) I "wised" up. I've argued with those that swear by it, and really at this point. If it makes you feel good when working out, if it helps you keep intensity then by all means use it. Just realize that you can probably build your own "no" mix with bulk supps at a far far cheaper price.


I was under the impression that theoritically, NO products are supposed to give you an energy boost at the gym which in turn makes you able to lift more/harder, which is what would give you gains vs. the actual product itself causing you gains. Is that not even true?


Well, caffeine will give you a boost, and most of these products are loaded with it.

I'd rather drink a Spike Shotgun if I want a stimulant rush.