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Tried Metal Squatter

I brought my new metal ipf v-suit into the gym yesterday to get an opinion from some lifters there. I thought they’d just check the fit but had me do some pulling instead. I was going to do some max pulls standing on a box and just wanted them to get a look before they left but i ended up doing the pulls sumo because of the suit (I’m generally stronger sumo though I usually train conventional).

My previous pr (convetional) was 385 which I did at the end of a 3 lift meet about 6 months ago. With the suit, I pulled 405 easily with the straps down, so we put on 455 and put the straps up. 455 went up really easily so we put on 5 plates. I had good speed off the floor but let my shoulders roll forward and missed the lift at my knees, so I just missed a 50 kilo pr, not bad.

Before getting the suit I was training mostly for power off of the floor. I had been pulling conventional at meets because after squatting wide in a belt and wraps my hips got toasted. Hopefully this suit will give them some support and let my pull sumo at the end of a 3 lift meet. I’m sold on metal gear because I doubt anything else would give me a nearly 110 lb pr in a single ply suit.

I got the same suit about a month ago. I have only trained in it once and I squatted about 120 PR for a double! Both where slightly high though. I would have went higher and tryed a bigger weight, but I was walking the squats out and I had no spotters. The rack at the commercial gym I was at was also too narrow so my stance was compromised. I finally met some guys with a Monolift and Saturday I am taking a squat in full gear. I can actually get the suit over my single ply inzer powerpants. Hopefully I will be good for seven at the APF Southern States in December.

How old are you and how long have you been training?