Tried Every Protocol Out There

Hello have bin on trt now for 10 years. Last 2 years on testosterone enanthe. Before that nebido 1000mg every 6 weeks with Aromasin 25mg ed.

Have tried every protocol out there with testosterone enanthe from e14d to ed injection but cant find anything thats working long term. Have bin on every protocol for 6-8 week minimum. Last 10 weeks on Eod injection. Have got levels of 500t e2 27 and t 1300 and e2 61. When i was using Eod or ed injection i feel allot worse for some reason. I have figured out that i feel complety shit day after injection anger irritatad dont want to talk to anyone anexity and depression feel headace/ headpressure hard to concentrate self cofindence is in the ground, stuck in fight and flight mode and feel overstimulated.No aptitet and No motivation for anything,feel kind of nere suicidel. cant tuch coffe, even got panic attacks some times. And it dosent mather what dose i use What ever its 10mg or 200mg i feel this symptoms day after injection and it keep go this way till day 3 after injection then i feel amazing full of motivation and self confidence and full of life, social and just feel Greate No anexity or depression. Wtf can the problem be? I have the last 6 months tried ed Eod and e3d injection and the smal freqvent injection has got me to feel so damn shit. Have tried to ad ai on injection days to and that makes me feel good 2-3 days then i feel shit after that instead. Im out of my mind now and dont know what to do anymore, what can the problem be? Why do i start to feel good after 3 days after injection? Was the same when i used hcg mono i allways started to feel better 3 days after injections. Tried gel allso that got me same symptoms as ed injection feelt shit all the time. Anyone Ells got same experiance as me? Dont know what do anymore dont want to feel this shit day 1 and 2 after injection.

After day three, for how long do you feel good?

Have the last year only got as long as ever 5 days between shots, so feelt good day 3-5 then it reapet. Have any of your patience got Same problem? Everyone allways told me the problem was to infreqvent shots but i feel it makes things worse.

No one has stuck with daily injections as most felt no better, but some stopped because they felt worse.

I don’t know if this would help in any way, but I would consider taking your injection, and then getting blood drawn every 24 hours until your next injection. Maybe even another five days, two injection cycles, ten days total. I’d want to see how your levels fluctuate.

Testosterone, free testosterone, estradiol.

Im acctuly on Eod injections at time, was at 15mg Eod first for 6 weeks that got me to 630t e2 35 day after injection. Then changed to 20mg Eod got labs after 6 weeks then my labs was 490t e2 27 2 days after injection. Then changed to 30mg Eod and by misstake missded my shot on day 2 after an injection and feelt i feel good now toke a shot again and feelt shit so i waited 3 days again and feelt good again. Then i looked back on my old posts and saw i allways have writed that i feelt the best on injection day and then 3 days later. Im consider to change to e7d or something cause im allso tired of injection this often when it dont even makes me feel good. Just irritated angry and anexius and depressed. But my shbg is 17-23 but when i was doing 100mg e5d my thrue levels was 1250ng/dl and e2 61 so i dont excrete the t fast even coise im on less freqvent shots. What would you do? Keep doing freqvent shots or draw out the freqvent to like every 7 days?

I have been doing daily for at least a year and no plans of stopping

This seems low for a peak level. Have you had your SHBG levels checked? Are you doing IM shots or SQ?

Sorry, I was speaking of my own patients. I’m aware that some use daily dosing and swear by it. Someone else asked a question regarding my practice and I had the threads crossed.

I do not know, I’m trying to figure out the timing of when you feel good relative to your injection schedule. You feel better three days post injection, how long does that last?

Another thing to consider, switch to cypionate or propionate. While I cannot tell the difference, some guys respond differently to the different esters.

I feel the best after 3 days what ever dose i use, but has only tried 5ed injection and then i did feel good day 3-5 then reapet all the time. Before that i was on 200mg E14d and that didnt work good. The thing is im in Sweden and i got licens on enanthe. Its hard to get it here. The only Outher ester i can get is nebido or gels.

OK, the only thing I can think of is to check levels each day and see if there is anything correlating with your symptoms. What are your levels on day 1 and 2 when you feel like shit and what are your levels on days 3, 4 and 5 when you feel good?

When i was using 100mg it was 1250ng/dl and e61 day 5 after injection. Last time i was on e5d was 6 months ago. But back then i got labs at 1250ng/dl and e2 61 5 days after injection. Consider to try 100mg e7d and se How i feel at that or 80mg e5d

That makes me wonder how high they are days one and two, probably pretty high. Maybe you don’t handle the higher levels well, and start to feel good when they drop low enough around day three.

Yeah problebly but the thing is now on just 30mg e3d its the same symptoms, i start to feel good 3 days after injection. Day 1 and 2 after injection im irritated angry anxious and depressed, can it be spikes in dht that happends day 1 and 2 that gives me this symptoms?

I don’t know, that’s why I’m suggesting checking labs.

I think this is nonsense. How do you know what an instant lab value equates to symptoms?

You can feel low t after a few days of it being low, maybe maybe not?

I don’t, I’m reaching for a possible explanation for very small percentage of guys that seem to have a significant difference in the way they feel on a day to day basis.

Probably true. I skipped two weeks of injections and didn’t notice anything until the end of the second week, and it wasn’t that bad. By the end of the third week, I could tell I didn’t want to skip any more doses.

By the way, have you read some of the posts on this site? Some are extremely sensitive to even slight change in hormone levels and acutely sensitive to dosing schedules.

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I do read. It comes down to what treatment, what protocol based on these daily blood work? At the end of the day, treatment will probably not change.

Is their a formula? So based on the daily labs Inject 17.5 mg Monday. And Tuesday at 10am inject 18.5. Then Wednesday at 1pm. Etc.
Makes no sense.

But if we get hundreds of guys too do daily labs and plot stuff… Then we got something

4 days since last 30mg injection now, still No symptoms of anexity or anger or irritataion, fight flight and i can drink coffe with out feeling bad. And i feel emotions its like i dont feels emotions day 1 and 2 after injections, the only emotions i feel then is irritation negativity qvick to anger and No motivation to anything and anexity. Im heading toward to change my dose to every 5 Days at 80mg or every 7 days at 110mg and go from there.