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Tried Dbol While on TRT, Sex Drive Tanked and ED Issues

I was running 150mg of test per week split into 2 equal doses a week and was feeling pretty good, decent sex drive and morning wood. Tried to run a short Dbol cycle for some gains in the gym and after about a week of 25mg of dbol/day my sex drive was nearly gone and weak erections. I figured this could be high E2 because of the Dbol but didn’t think that it would happen with such a low dose. E2 was slightly elevated before Dbol (84 pmol/l range is <200pmol/l). I stopped Dbols and I took 2.5mg of Femara (letrozole) 7 days ago, then another 1.25mg 3 days ago, haven’t noticed any recovery in sex drive or ED, did I go from High to Low E2 ? If so now what?

We do therapy here. We don’t use anabolics here or I mean talk about it because it’s not trt.

You used before knowing the consequences wtf man?

Go up your trt dose to 200 if you need more. Don’t need anything else. I’m getting lean and very defined on jsut trt and a good diet.

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And I thought I did some bizarre shit

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You probably took to much AI … get a blood test before anything

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This is a Pharma question. Anyway, are you sure it was dbol and not deca being substituted? Either way, it is not likely that your E2 had anything to do with your problem.

Many trt users have experimented with anabolics, hell some clinics even prescribe them. I’d argue some anabolics (in the very distant future) will potentially be implemented within trt routines, esp those sensitive to androgenic side effects or those who are suffering from various medical pathology yet require trt regardless.

If I had AIDS I’d def prefer 100mg test, 100mg nandrolone or 100mg test 10mg Anavar daily compared to 200mg test alone.[quote=“teslaman, post:1, topic:259564”]
E2 was slightly elevated before Dbol (84 pmol/l range is <200pmol/l)

84 pmol isn’t elevated…

25 mg Dbol per day is NOT a low dose. Test E is about 70 percent unesterified test by weight, thus 100mg test E/wk equates to 70mg pure test weekly, or 10 mg daily. Dbol is unesterified base hormone in a tablet or sterile liquid for injection, 25mg daily is adding an extra (equiv of) 250mg long estered hormone into you’re regiment, not to add mg for mg Dbol is a far stronger anabolic than test. A low dose is like 10mg daily, I’ve been dying to try dbol for ages now but can’t bring myself to do it due to the risks associated

Completely different drugs, firstly deca in pill form would have an oral bioavailability of like 1 percent due to being prone to break down via first pass through the liver, a c17AA variant of deca does exist but it’s rare and only really (occasionally) used for post menopausal HRT nowadays. He could’ve had methyltestosterone, but chances are he had legit Dbol and his bodies individualistic response to the drug was negative.

@teslaman, what’s you’re BF percentage?

I don’t understand tho, if you want more gains why not just run test? It’s super effective, do you have blood tests or something coming up?

The TRT dose is doctor prescribed and he won’t increase my dose unless its necessary, which it isn’t since my free T levels are on the high/medium-high range for peak/trough. The Dbol is legit and I got instant strength gains and almost painful pumps with a modest gain in water retention despite a pretty clean diet so I know its legit.

I think the AI is also legit as I did a blood panel 4 days after taking the 2.5 mg dose and my HDL was at its lowest ever 1.04 mmol/l (its usually around 1.4) which I read can happen from taking an AI.

The Dbol was a simple addition and easily available and was planning on taking it for about 3-4 weeks then get off but after this I don’t think its worth it if its going to mess with my sex drive and give me ED. Anyways I’m thinking of just waiting for the effects of the AI to wear off and continue my 150 mg/week dose in the meantime, just not sure how long before things go back to normal. As my E2 was already at 84 before taking Dbol I assumed that it increased over the high end and caused my issues, thus the decision to take the AI. At an E2 of 84 I felt pretty good.

I’m 6’1" tall 205 lbs about 12% body fat fairly lean arms and legs holding some fat around midsection with top 4 abs showing.

Would taking a one time 150mg shot be effective at raising E2 rather then splitting into 2 shots like I usually do?

We do TRT here don’t know much about anabolics or at least I don’t. So the suggestion is use pharma group they can help you better since they probably have a better understanding of dbol.

Ai is the death of man. You need estrogen for strength libido and mood. There is so much content on this forum about estrogen. I posted something a day ago on it. Go YouTube and search lifting dermatologist and find the latest video with Danny bossa and others.

Estrogen blocking makes zero sense for therapeutical usage.

Body builders used it to prep for a show to get that dry and ripped look. They also use thyroid meds.

Now they want that look all the time and that’s why they started using it often.

Go find Stan efferding and he has a video on ai and how his trainees gained strength after dropping the ai. No more joint pain and they were able to lose fat with more estrogen.

It’s a myth that estrogen causes all the symptoms men report on trt.

The truth is men need to allow the body to adapt to hormones. Most of not all symptoms dissipate with time.

Gyno is something that men rarely get as well. It’s genetic and does not just happen because you take trt.

You have a ton of research to do and I hope you do find the truth. Because ai has zero evidence for its use in men on trt. Zero studies found legitimacy for its use. Alternatively they found that estrogen caused many of the benefits we want in trt.

I suggest you take daily and increase your dose now that you are not on dbol. Drop the ai. Let the body recover and you’ll probably be fine.

I might be wrong and that’s why I think the BB might have more answers.

C-17aa anabolics also have heavy deleterious effects on one’s lipid profile. The liver excretes excess cholesterol via bile excretion, of which is partially or fully blocked on orals. Furthermore activation of hepatic lipase by numerous orals (particularly winny and var) catabolise HDL cholesterol. Likely a combination of AI+Dbol, but 1.04 nmol isn’t terrible, it isn’t even in the “high risk” category. My HDL is always like 1.1 nmol on or off anything. I’d be more worried about triglycerides and HDL/LDL ratio (and sub fractions) then a singular HDL reading. That being said, AI’s certainly won’t help you’re lipid profile, they tend to have deleterious effects and contribute to the development of long term cardiovascular disease, as do steroids.

As to trt, what ester of test are you taking and what is you’re injection frequency. If you’re taking long estered test 1x weekly, you could try 2x weekly. More than that is typically overkill as the differentiation within plasma T is so insignificant if taken more than 2x weekly for most. Some people tend to hypermetabolise T. if you’re one of these individuals that somehow has an individual test E HL of like 1-2 days then daily or EOD shots COULD help you.

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AI’s fucked me up as a teenager. I was given 7mg adex/wk in attempt to stop premature closure of my ephysial plates. Joint pain for life baby!!

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You can’t reverse it ? What’s estrogen at now? I bet HGH and Trt would help right?

It’s good now however the joint pain is lasting, I have benign joint hypermobility syndrome and a few structural abnormalities some of the damage done (lifting related injuries) on the AI’s aren’t likely to go away

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