Tried Clomid & Feel Terrible. Thinking of Trying Dermacrine or Toremifene

I tried Clomid for the first time today dosed at 12.5mg. At first I felt very calm and relaxed. Then I started to feel a mild headache coming on and I feel slight pressure behind and above my eyes. I feel like I took shots of hard alcohol. I feel strange and can’t see myself taking this again. I have been interested in Dermacrine for awhile, but I read you need to cycle it and do not want to deal with testosterone dips.

I rather be at a constant level. Is Dermacrine okay to use long term, even if you have to use half the dose? Also, I was thinking of taking a supplement to lower prolactin since my nipples keep getting puffy. I have some gyno, but it’s not noticeable; however I do have puffy nipples. Sometimes they’ll become normal, but they always go back to being puffy.
The only other thing I can think of is using Toremifene, but I read most of what you get online is junk. I didn’t want to use Nolva due to long term liver toxicity issues and IGF-1 lowering.

Its dhea and pregnalone it took me 6 pumps to notice, nothing like forma stanzol i liked that much better.

I just want to clarify. When I say long term, I mean without cycling off. I don;t want to experience Test level dips.

Thought forma stanzol would be worse to use without cycling due to it having strong AIs.

Excuse me forma surge off market now, that stuff worked. I didn’t like forma stanzol which was supposed to be replacement.

Heard any good things about Sustain Alpha?

Tried it nothing. Apparently you are supposed to rub in hip area? Try osteobol mk2866 get the dropper liquid kind only need 15mg a day, look for the kind that comes in blue bottle 109 bucks last three months, taste like shit. Noticed after 10 days boners all the time, but that is with test 200mg week. Not coming off but could keep from crashing. Or try some oral pregnalone cheap, dhea cheap. Id go with osteobol.