Tried and True by Clay Hyght

Im doing the 5 split version shown at the bottom of the article, the only thing that concerns me is doing quads the day after hamstrings with excercises such as squats/frontsquats, leg press, bulgarian split squats. These all hit the hams, some more than the others but still, is this not counter productive?

Im just looking to find some reasoning behind this, iv always enjoyd splitting quads and hams on different days.


I am a YUUUUGE fan of this program as a template for training.

I think if you did it long enough you’d get used to it, but if you wanted to play it safe, you could always separate by a couple days and adjust the template. For example, you could combine legs into one workout (quads and hams) and do shoulders and abs rather than shoulders and hams. Each week you could switch your leg workout around, so one week you could do quads first then hams, and the next week hams first then quads.