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Tried and Tested Routine for Hypertrophy?

Hello everyone,

I am looking to start a new routine. i have been doing a 4 day bodybuilding split supplied by KingBeefs “do this one instead of that dumb one” thread and have had decent strength and size results. I have done that routine for 8 weeks now and am thinking its time to change, or is it? im not looking for a new routine becasue im bored of this one by any means im just wondering if i should switch it up, i was looking at the program from this site called “stripped down hypertrophy”. this is an interesting looking program and i have never tried a full body program before. basically my question is should i change programs after 8 weeks, and if my goal is hypertrophy whats a great program that you could reccomend?

Stick to it.

how long should i stay with it? my diet consists of about 6 clean meals a day, i currently weigh about 192 pounds with about 11% bodyfat and im 5’11 and have been lifting for about 4 months now after a 2 year layoff. i never miss a workout or even a meal for that matter so i am very disciplined and very consistent. with that information how long would you reccomend i stick with it ?

thanks for your help

For aslong as its producing results.

You need to start learning when your body isnt growing on it anymore. I either psychologically believe the results have stopped (which may be real or not), or I lose motivation for the program (which is just as important as no longer getting results, since i wont be as motivated to push the envelop in the gym). Other people stick with the program either because it takes longer for adaptation, or they continue to have progress.

People argue that progression in weight breaks adaptation, so there is no need to modify anything. I prefer to switch things up (since i dont follow the only “heavy+weights=size”), as i continue to have good results by changing many things i continue with this and milk it. You can do small things, like changing the order of the workouts, or changing workout days around, or adding more sets, etc.

Though I believe changing workouts all the time can never really develop the trainees to learn his body’s signals of adaptation, or its ability to push itself if they dont dig in with something. I personally believe i wouldnt have learned how my own body reacts to different exercises, rep ranges, tension, if i didnt switch things up with new workouts- though this has the chance of being abused for many people.

the weights i am using are still going up so i am definately getting stronger so i know that is a good sign, i guess i will just continue to stick with it, i just want to get bigger and am working as hard as anyone can to do so, i just need to remember that it takes a long time and a lot of work, im just not being patient enough

how is a 2 year layoff consistent? Show me one lifter who’s big as fuck, who just took YEAR(s) off. Ever. Even injured most experienced lifters are active, or during a deload most lifters still remain active, so dont claim to be consistent when youre the fucking opposite of that. Dont even tell me why you took those yars off, but people who like lifting dont just stop for that long. period. 8 weeks back after 2 years off is not enough to stall out on a program, in fact id be surprised if this wasnt the prime time for you to stay on this program and hammer the lifts youve been working on, you should be able to gain strength on those same movements for at least another month in my opinion.

yes i realize a layoff of that length doesnt scream consistency, but the reason for that is a long story and was really beyond much of my control, what i meant is now that im back in it im consistent and dont miss workouts or meals ever, and im not the kind of person who works out for a while than stops than comes back than stops, that was just a one time thing and wont have to happen again thankfully and i plan on getting bigger and stronger for the rest of my life as it is something i love doing.