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Tricky PT subjects

Curious if anyone can help with nutrition/training tips to help out (a) a 65 yo retiree that is strong with above average muscle mass, high cholesterol, and lactose intolerance looking to maintain maximum muscle and functionality but wont work out with weights (walks, gardening, whey powder, flax??) (b) a 23 yo girl that has abused x and cocaine for a year or so and is looking to detox as much as possible as soon as possible and lose maybe 10 pounds and get fit (dont diet, cardio plus weights 3 times weekly, heaps of water, multi C E ZMA???). This is an honest question so Im only looking for honest and helpful tips on improving the health of these real people.

Dre, for the old guy, I’d recommend Nandrosol or Androsol, in that order. (Nandro seems to work better on older types.) Or, if he wants to save a bit of money and isn’t averse to a little chemistry, a mix of the two. Methoxy might also help. This is assuming that he has his diet down, of course.

As for the girl, man, that's tough. Sounds like you're on the right track with the antioxidants, though. Clean living for a long time, man. Hopefully, her body will get used to the good stuff and come to reject the bad. Not a great answer, but that's about all I can say.

For the man I don’t know how much you can do until he convinces himself that he needs to be lifting weights. Explain to him how the human body ages in terms of strength loss, muscle loss and bone loss and maybe this will get him to think about it a little.
As for the girl sounds like she’s ready to go. A few things you might want to do are add a 15 minute sauna a few times a week, B-vitamins, and most definitely Power drive.

A coke addict who needs to lose weight? That’s a first.

Thanks for the posts. Kelly - for the 23yo, is it right to say the antioxidants and B will help “detox”. Is the powerdrive just a stimulant it will is also help detox. Are there any other foods or liquids or fasting or metamucil type things to help detox??