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Tricky Gyno Situation


have reversed gyno twice earlier with 1mg adex for 6 weeks..but this was when i did not use strong androgenic compounds like injectible test..

now 2 weeks into test e at a low dose of 250mg one shot per week and am seeing signs of gyno..a small lump is forming..

moreover hcg will be put in the mix from the 3rd shot..so further flooding of estro

should i stick to 1 mg per day and hope for the same miracle or should i be worried and think about putting letro for reversal considering that this situation has test and hcg in the mix..

help appreciated,thanks


Mate your going to have to provide a full list of coumpounds and doseages your currently running before anyone can help you.....


You cannot reverse gyno with any drug. You can only shrink it down, and in many cases to a point where it is not noticeable. Once the tissue is there however, it is there for good. If your current dose of AI is not cutting it, and with 1mg per day arimidex for 250mg of test it should, the only logical conclusion is that your AI is either mega underdosed or bunk. If you have nolva on hand, then that is your best option to get it under control, in the meantime get a proper AI.

This is why I think it is smart to always have nolva on hand. Don't fuck around or it will get worse fast.


wow that was some parenting...
how do you know i dont have nolva on hand mr massive..
with my current dose of 1 mg have reduced gyno on 2 occassions and in the first case i was on 40mg nolva and .5mg adex it did not do shit..i dropped the nolva and upped the adex to 1mg and thats when pain went off in 3 days and lump started to get smaller in wk 2..

the part of the world am from you dont need prescription for a test amp..you just get it over the counter just like nolva or clomid or hcg..there are ten stores 5 mins away from my house storing it..anyways i always have it at my disposal nevertheless..

my worry is not nolva its adex vs letro with test plus hcg in the mix..test is low dosed so i think 1 mg might be good but i dont know what happens when hcg will be thrown in the mix..will i need letro to take on 2 adversaries

currently on 5th day of 1mg adex..pain is down and size reducing...but hcg is yet not in the mix


Wow......I've heard of being gyno sensitive but that is extreme.....

I think that you should potentially explore some different avenues as I think that on 250mg per week in conjunction with adex will have estro under control.

Vitex, B6 ect can be used to treat elevated prolactin.

DHT will lower and compete with estro at the estro receptor.

Seing as though you have access to prescription items you can apply androgel or something similar to the scrotal skin.....and this will spike your DHT with little e2 conversion

Just some things to consider...


I wasn't having a go at you, I was just making a point that its good to have nolva on hand. The most active anti-estrogens when you take nolva are some of it's secondary metabolites. These can take a week to build up to appreciable levels, frontloading will speed this up, but it does take time to get the full effect. In the first case when you dropped the nolva, it will still have been doing its thing for quite some time after you stopped it, so dont write it off.

With the problems you are having, if you throw in HCG it could easily get worse fast. Up your AI dose and keep the nolva around, you will probably need it by the sounds of things.

Please bear in mind it is very possible to get counterfeit drugs, even from a legitimate pharmacy.


Seriously dude, WTF?

Apply androgel to your scrotum to treat gyno? Why not try peanut butter, that would be just as effective.

Get the fuck out.


dht will cause my receeding crown to receed further..dht derived proviron will be a better choice if estro has to be subdued but for gyno, androgel or poviron wont do much..


am giving myself a week more with adex..the pain has gone and the lump is reducing..

for the 2nd gyno had taken only adex and it did the job in 6 weeks..

but incase it gets worse will switch to letro..nolva i will put in the mix once the lump reduces to prevent any further binding


Spare me your dribble.

So what are you refuting?

Transdermal application of test gel to the scrotum to spike DHT?

Korenman SG, Viosca S, Garza D, Guralnik M, Place V, Campbell P, Davis SS. Androgen therapy of hypogonadal men with transscrotal testosterone systems. Am J Med. 1987;83:471�8

Or DHTâ??s ability to be a e2 antagonist?

You can investigate this yourself.....plenty of data available

Might be worth looking into something before your run your mouth / keyboard.


It's the elevated DHT you are after, but as you said, hairloss will be an issue.

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