Tricks to Keep Lean When Bulking?

what are some possible ways to stay lean when bulking?
i just read about no2 at night, can anyone tell me if they have done that and if its effective? is that ok when bulking or more meant for when cutting

eating lean ofcourse

anything else?

1)Decide whether you want to clean bulk or dirty bulk.

2)Eat everything you see while keeping step 1 in mind.

3)Gain mass.



Some people recommend fat and carbohydrate separation when bulking.

If you are gaining more bodyfat% than you desire, you either reduce caloric intake or increase caloric expenditure (e.g. add some cardio)

regular cardio in the mornings.

  1. burns fat
  2. makes you hungrier so is benefitial for mass cycles.
  3. improves nutrient partitioning.

staying totally lean is really difficult but you dont have to get really fat either.

In theory, The Anabolic Diet or Carb Cycling

In practice… eat clean, eat a lot, overshoot your goal weight by ten pounds and then diet down.