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Tricks for Loading the Syringe?

Do you guys have some tricks for loading syringes with the small insulin needles?

For example I use insulin syringe with 29g attached needle and loading it is the biggest problem in all the injection process. It is very time consuming, I spent between 5 and 10 minutes per shot. The oil is thick, the needle is small and need to push and pull it a lot of times to get the correct amount. Also some bubble always remains inside and the quantity I inject is not totally perfect because of the damn bubble…

Maybe the cypionate you use in the USA is not as thick as this omnadren?

How do you handle this issue?

try using 28g and 1/2 inch length needle.

Unfortunately in my country at least I cannot find that this is basically what we have in terms of insulin needles/syringes:

Maybe I need to look to order from some site…

Just use the 27 gauge offered on that website. Thats the upper limit on size that id want to use for daily injections but it should be fine for you.

A few things:

1.) Warm the vial under warm water. This will help it flow better.
2.) I inject the same amount of air that I’m drawing from the vial (it puts a little pressure in the vial.)
3.) I draw back the amount I need then place a spring paper clip on the plunger and sit this in a water bottle and allow it to fill while I’m doing something else.


Back fill a weeks worth of syringes at once to speed things up

This is really not an issue…

Use 0,5ml Insulin U100 fixed needle 29G (Available on your website) and make a little tool to save you having to hold everything. (see image)

Takes less than a minute to draw up the oil (;

I started with 30 gauge, and it took about 5 minutes to fill. I then tried 27 gauge, and now it is about 30 seconds to fill. I don’t feel any difference.

I looked up the gauge chart for needles, and did not look long enough to find the specs for 29 gauge, but found 27 and 30 gauge. A 27 gauge needle has about 2.3X the cross-sectional area of a 30 gauge, but the OD (outer diameter) is only 0.004" more on the 27 gauge. For reference a whisker is about 0.003".

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Use a 23 ga to draw and back fill them. I do several at a time. Fast and easy.

I wonder if you’re injecting the same volume of air into the vial before loading the syringe, if not than this might explain your difficulties. It only takes me 30 seconds to fill my 29 gauge easy touch syringes.

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So far I didnt know I have to inject the same amount of air I inject a little bit

If you don’t inject air, you are creating a vacuum in the vial which will make it harder to draw, or impossible if the vacuum (negative pressure) in the vial becomes equal to the negative pressure you create in the syringe by drawing it back.

I had no luck with 30 gauge as far as being time efficient. I really don’t feel a difference with 27 gauge. Give that a try.

I use 25 ga… No problem drawing up the oil. Flip the vial upside down and inject the required amount of air into vial. Pull on the plunger until you start to draw up the oil, push the plunger back in to expel the air and then finish drawing up the oil. Takes me about 30 seconds.

It makes a difference, the plunger retracts if you stop pulling if there’s a vacuum. The carrier oil also makes a difference. Whatever they use here in Central America is impossible to draw into even a 27 ga.

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