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Tricks for Hockey Style Street Fights


Hey guys,

Long time reader, first time poster. I got in a street fight with a more experienced guy then me a couple months ago. He proceeded to grab my left shoulder with his left hand and block my right hand/shoulder from punching him. I proceeded to do the same. Anyway the fight finish and I was pretty banged up. I just wanted to know if you guys know any techniques to counter the part where he blocks my right shoulder from punching him or getting around it once he has the grip.



I don't understand, if you've been reading for so long you should know better than to get into street fights. Go pick up bjj, actually I take that back, don't train at all. The sport doesn't need another kid learning martial arts to beat people on the street.



Sorry forgot to give the backround of the fight. I didn't actually have a choice to fight...Hence the part where he grabbed me by the shirt and started punching.

BTW don't be so quick to judge.


you're officially a bad motherfucker if you pull that^^ off


Yeah fights are always avoidable. I've never been in a street fight, but I've been in many fun fights with friends, with gloves. I have been in the shittiest and best parts of any given city, fights ARE AVOIDABLE. Unless they're fucked up/drunk


Depends how you define fights...

Assaults aren't avoidable, all the time. Fights are though, very easy to de-escalate often as well.


mayby start learning some combat sport?

p.s Xen :stuck_out_tongue: remember about me!:slight_smile:


Kick/knee him in the stomach or sweep his legs? You could have put your left hand on his left hand and pushed his elbow up with your right hand and twist his arm behind his back.
You also could have tried punching with your left hand.
Fuck, the possibilities are endless.

Why did you guys get in a fight?


Fights are not always avoidable. If you believe that, I've got this big bridge in brooklyn that you'll love.

That being said, they are serious business. And if this guy really floundered you by putting his hand on your shoulder (???) then I suggest you find another line of work, because this one clearly isn't working for you.


To fighting irish: The fight didn't last that long, after a couple of punches in this stance i managed to get away throw 2 or 3 rights and tackle him on the ground where people separated us. The fact of the matter was he was gripping my shirt with his left hand and pushing on my shoulder so I couldn't get a right in. Not just putting a hand on my shoulder...

To blazindave: Some good advice. I don't really know any good kicks me not being into martial arts really so that would probably not be an option. I thought of the knee but assumed he was a bit far. Being my first real fight I didn't have the reflex of blocking his right shoulder also... from know on I will know better. The reason why we got in a fight is probably the reason why most guys fight...about a girl.

Anyway, anybody else got some other techniques ??


When he grabs your shirt try to spin away from his grabbing hand, toward the outside not into him. He'll either have to release you or get his hand tangled up in your shirt then he won't be able to do much after that because he'll be off balance. Then you can take his back or switch levels and take his legs out from under him.


Am I just being retarded but I don't really follow. He grabbed your left shoulder? Why would that stop you from punching with your right. Or he grabbed your right and you mean left?

Anyways. He didn't grab both your shoulders, I assume. So - short uppercut with your free hand, or sidewards elbow/hook.


Sounds like Frye Takayama


It sounds to be like you both had each other in a dirty boxing clinch. I would probably try to throw my second hand behind his head and secure a thai clinch, which would make it pretty difficult for him to throw anything. Then either throw some knees or throw him away from you and leave.


In a street fight I want to be the aggressor...I almost never want to back up and counter if I can help it, generally the guy who goes down first is the one who gets the brunt of the beating so I always try to ensure it isn't me.

Plus, generally the environment isn't a flat piece of ground without obstacles, if you get the guy backing up you can usually facilitate a fall on his end.

Other than that, I'd follow earlier recommendations of not getting into fights in the street if you can help it...the benefits are virtually non-existent while the consequences can be severe.


Never underestimate the kick in the groin... as Bas Rutten aptly explains in this video:

Personally I find the video hilarious; not sure how effective his tips are in reality, but Bas Rutten is pretty bad ass.


Simply don't go on the bridge?
Fight avoided.



Elbows are always good in the clinch. They are more powerful than punches at that range and you'll save yourself broken hands.


Unless you have knowledge ingrained from repeated practice then do not attempt anything new during a street fight.
People let their adrenaline over ride common sense. Have you ever had a knife pulled on you, ever had a 300lb guy show up with a baseball bat and his three buddies who are off duty cops (meaning they know who will show up when called) Street fights are NOT worth it. Try that thai clinch when getting stabbed in the abdominals.



Crap your pants and start crying. They will feel bad and walk away.