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Trick for Pinning Quads


I’ve only pinned 3 times but I figured out a little trick that I thought I’d share in case it could help someone else.

I select the area that I want to inject on the quad, then I get an alcohol pad and clean the top of the vial and then clean the area I’m going to inject. Let that dry for a minute then I draw, get the air out, put the injecting needle on, then look back at my leg and…oh shit! Where did I clean to inject?

So this time I came up with a little trick. I took an old creatine scooper (about 3/4 circle) before I started anything and pressed it upside down on the spot I wanted to inject and twisted it. It left a perfect 3/4 circled indention right at the spot I wanted to pin. Then I did the clean / draw / swap needle routine and viola! I still had a faint circle right where I wanted to pin. Just have to hit the bullseye from there! Lol

I know this may not be an issue for some of you, especially in glutes or delts, but it sure was helpful to me because the quad is a big area and trying to remember that one little spot that I picked out and cleaned after looking back and forth a few times can be quite challenging. This really helped me so maybe it will help some other newb too!

Maybe some of you guys can share your ticks here too.


Awesome idea. I usually just locate my site, make an X with a fingernail in the skin, clean, then stick it in. I have never injected anywhere besides my quads and I inject twice a week with a 23g or 25g.


Yeah see that just makes way too damn much sense and isn’t nearly complicated enough! Lol


When I first started TrT, the nurse that showed me how to inject into the quads showed me a simple way to divide the quad. Run your hand from your kneecap to your hip. Then divide that in half. You are always going to inject in the outer, upper quadrant of the quad. From there, I just find the spot with the least amount of visible veins and then draw my X and plunge away.


I just rub the shit out of it with an alcohol pad until it turns red!! LOL


That works too!


I have a nice mole on the side of my leg that I can easily use to target my shots. Very convenient!