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Between these two tricep movements which one would you choose for tricep strength and size and why: Close grip bench vs. close grip decline bench?

Why not both?


Why choose? Whats wrong with doing both.

Great answer. I have chosen weighted dips already and I was trying to choose between the other two.

Neither – weighted dips with the elbows held in close.

Let these two lifts be like the Coors Light Twins. Thus, Goldberg hit the nail on the head:

If you’re already doing weighted dips choose a triceps exercise that will work the muscle a little differently. Dips and presses are very similar. I’d choose a movement where my arms are above neck level, like decline skullcrushers or overhead extensions or tate presses.

As I stated elsewhere. I would have a preference to do the dcgbp. Less ROM = less stress on shoulder, and the ability to use more weight to overload the triceps.

In addition, the decline would get you used to start pushing the bar towards your feet or straight up, as opposed to letting it drift over your head.

My true preference would be to use 2, 3, or 4 board presses with doubled minibands, with the bench slightly declined (put a 25# plate underneath it)
-Less bar weight, but godawful tension at the top. Those Westside trainees who have never tried board presses with band tension should really give them a shot, either on ME day, or as a major heavy triceps assistance move.


…Yeah, what Kelly Bagget said.

For me the overhead extensions seem to work my triceps just below the the posterior delt rather than the distal part of the muscle…

Good stuff, good question.