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Triceps Work With F*cked Elbows?

I stopped training triceps directly for a long, long time but with some rope push downs. My elbows can’t stand any direct work(even with light loads) especially on extensions and dips, so I rely mostly on presses to develop them. While presses are effective,they’re not really adequate for all the heads of the triceps. I thought other lifters may have the same problem , so if you had this problem, how did you train your triceps?

At 16, I’d honestly go and figure out what is wrong with your elbows, rather than try to find a work around. You’ve got a LOT of training ahead of you.

I like band pushdowns whenever I work my triceps directly, but it’s rare these days. I primarily stick with bodyweight dips.


My elbow have become fucked as well so I primarily rely on presses for them to grow. For extra work on them just find something that you can do without pain. For me its close grip bench and band pushdowns. Finding out what is wrong with them as punisher said would also be beneficial.

How are you guys jacking up your elbows at such a young age?


Seriously, what the fuck?

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I blame Pogs. Young people love Pogs.

Rehabilitate your elbows, kids, and stay in school.

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You don’t even know, old man.


hurts my elbows just looking at it

Lol, I wasn’t sure if that’s what you were talking about or not…

I have a couple of ideas about why, but how do those hurt your elbows?

Only nerds with weak bone structures collect them…??

you’re the king of the dorks! We both know you have a suitcase full of Pogs under your bed right now.

Do not… :pokerface:

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you’ve clearly never been locked into a serious Pog battle. You’re lucky to leave with your soul let alone your elbows.

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Oh. I thought they might be used as targets for atomic elbow drops.

Kids these days aren’t violent enough.

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I honestly don’t know , but I have a history with joint pain/injury even at my young age. I broke my left shoulder when I was 11 , and ruptured a bone in my left wrist last year. My right wrist hurts from time to time just at the beginning of it and there’s no real reason for this. My dad told me he had the same issue for years when he was my age so I don’t know. Also my knees can’t stand any wide squat/deadlift. Maybe my joints are made of glass lol , but I continue to work around it no matter what.

Do you have any history of sports?

“Soccer” ( it’s football really America😂) and sprints of short distances.

[quote=“Love_The_Deadlift, post:16, topic:230235, full:true”] I broke my left shoulder when I was 11 , and ruptured a bone in my left wrist last year.

These happened when I was playing soccer.

i hear drama classes are now mandatory for the sport.