Triceps work for them lanky folk.

I’m trying to maximize triceps strength. Are there any lanky people on this board that have found good ways to get around have long forearms when you do triceps work?



i am 6’3" with very long arms, but was able to bring triceps up to be one of my strongest parts. i use decline french presses, overhead presses, and heavy pressdowns. i also do not train them very much, with chest and shoulder work, triceps get a good hit, once or twice a week already.

Having long forearms won’t at all limit the growth potential of your triceps if you know what you’re doing. You may have to use only compound movements to keep the load at a high level, as isolation movements like triceps extensions and so forth will be harder for a guy with long forearms because of reduced mechanical advantage. The same is true for biceps work. You should still be able to grow just as fast as a guy with shorter forearms, you’ll just have to get most of your biceps training through the movements that allow you the highest loading, ie chins and barbell curls.

Doug is right. You’ll have poorer leverage with isolation movemnets. I’m shorte but I love the close grip(about shoulder width grip) bench press. Extensions can be hard on the elbow for tall guys. Another neat exercise is the dumbell bench press with the elbows at the side. Press them straight up with the handles parallel. I found they hit the pecs and triceps hard.

I’m a little over 6’2" with long arms. So i know the frustration. My suggestion/favorite tris exercise is close grip barbell press on a decline bench. Not only will these pack the mass on your tris, they’ll reduce the strain on your wrists that normaly comes with doing close grips on a flat bench. Hope that helps.