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Triceps Tendon and Elbow Problem

Hi, it is my first post etc. so please excuse me my mistake or some language difficulties [ I write it from Poland].
I train something about 10 years. At start it was rowing by 2 years, with 110% of work. After it I was in powerlifting team by almost 4 years.
There was:
back squat: 180kg
Deadlift: 190kg
Press: 130kg [ After some time i left standard way of training and I chaned it to weighted dips only. In this my best was: 60kg on belt].

For last 4 years I have trained not as usual powerlifter.
You know- wedding, wife, work, home etc. And now, maybe in 2-3 weeks my little daughter.
So it was the reason to skip massive training to maximum short and heavy.
But maybe this= only few exercises, 5-6 time per week with weight, maybe 8-10 hours of work with comp- made my arms most problematical for my current obejctives.

I have strange sound in both [ and this is also strange] elbows. More precisely will be maybe in the long head of triceps. It seems that this sound is not from elbow- bone tissues, joints. I think that this is tendon, one ore more. My physioterapist tried to do something with it. But problem is in this that many, most of near specialist as him- are for injured persons, after accidents etc. They are good for joint, bones, spines. But they are not so clever if problem is in muscles mess, tendons. They can use a tapes, vertical massages etc. but they can’t find where is the balance shortage. In my opinion it is a mess in muscles and tendons. Maybe forearms, biceps, triceps after several ideas I don’t know it now.

Last 2 years i train without weight progression [ there wasn’t time for gym and I train at home with total achievable weight about: 80kg].
Deadlift- progression in reps and sets [ in last week my schedule I have here 10 sets with 15-20 reps]
Dips- progression in sets and reps [ at the end it was 8 sets with 10 reps in each one, with weight 40kg]
Front squats
pull ups without weight - then reps progression
Chin ups without weight - then reps progression
or with weight 40kg on belt.

And porgramm based on these above 4-5 times a week.

But as I wrote - last year it is not ending problem with my triceps and arms.

If the arm is with different hand position - I have cracking sound from my inner part of triceps or not.

Pronated arm- sound is loud [ without weight there isn’t sound or maybe at the hearing border. With weight sound is really crazy]

Hammer grip- sound is still, but maybe a little weaker

Supinated arm- there isn’t sound

Since begining of this problem I have different training plans. I added Crossfit schems, running, swings, dumbbel curl, bench press from floor and few more to make my trainings more holistics, wider for all muscles.
I added also streching - because, what is shame during even the heaviest powerlifting trainings I didn’t strech.
But I see still that this balance problem is not ended.
Sometimes I have heavy training and everything is ok.
Sometime even without big capacity - I feel lower parts of triceps nad long head tendon.
Many time I thought about work with computer. I sit close to desk, many hours supported with my elbows on desk.

I really don’t know what to do, what can be the best.
I stech forearms.

Many times I thought also about golfer elbow. But- both? In this same time?

Maybe had or has someone still this problem? Maybe someone knows solution or good hints for me. I want to back to 200% trainings without looking on my triceps tendons.

I attached short movie. Movie is with sound- this is most important. It is possible to hear that with supination it is no sound here, with pronation- sound is.

Not sure if what I have is similar. Did a lot of chins last year - started every workout with 5 sets of chins.

Then both elbows started hurting - got so bad I could not shake hands. I tried everything. Nothing worked. Could not do any type of curl.

I then saw a post somewhere where it was suggested placing rubber bands around fingers and thumb and then opening the fingers with this as resistance. I started off with 3 medium thickness rubber bands - would do the finger opening stretch while commuting to work - hundreds of reps per hand. Would get a pump in my forearms. Over a period of a month my elbows have improved significantly. I can do curls and grab things. Not 100% healed, but 90% there.

Not sure it will help you - but worth a shot.