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Triceps Soreness of Doom

[quote]steviebeast wrote:
have you tried therapy…lots of reverse flies…face pulls with the rope and tons of back work?
pushups and less bench?[/quote]

Actually, I’ve been doing a lot of reverse band work and have not tried doing dips in probably a year. Prior to that every time I tried them they hurt my shoulders. Maybe I’ll give them another shot because of all the reverse band work I’ve been doing.


[quote]Karado wrote:
“10 sets of 10 reps of dips. My triceps are still sore 5 days later.”

Ya Think?, 10 friggin’ sets of a single exercise Juuuuuust may do that.
What’s this Fairy Tale that cycles every generation that thinks that “more is better”?
Who the fuck recommends 10 sets of a single exercise in the first place?
A favorite by word used alot by the Legendary Lee Haney comes to mind…“Amateurs”.

lol, please call Poliquin and tell him…

Why is 10x10 such a horrible idea? I’ve never done that for anything besides pullups, so I’m honestly asking.

A standard tricep workout for me would be
3-4 sets rope extension
3-5 sets weighted dips
3-4 sets something that gives a good stretch and pump, usually OH extension or skullcrushers

10x10 sets of dips would be a similar volume. I could see it being shitty if you can’t keep the weights used up, or if the exercise doesn’t hit the whole bodypart properly.

it’s not a horrible idea. Those posters are idiots.

P.S. It’s spelled annihilate.

ok…so its getting weird here. Everyone has what they think works for them…yaaay…good BUT basically I believe that most people over train when going to failure is concerned…10 sets of anything isnt so bad if none of the sets…or the last one perhaps, are done to failure. I am moving away from the all out kill on one set toward lots of volume…and not high reps at that…I did the reps thing once with pullups…Did 440 in 30 minutes…but you dont get strong from that.
AND Triceps get so much work from other pushing movements that to finish them off isnt too hard. I dont do arms…only heavy dips and heavy chins.
I will post a dip video soon…Have to see how I feel and what I can do…

ok I havent done heavy dips in months…So I decided to test what I could do…I use to do 100 lbs 20 times…body weight 165ish…here I did 12…only thought I would get 10…Yesterdays heavy OHP negative made me tired…