Triceps Pain from Pull-Ups?!

Hi, curious if you might have insight into the cause of my Tricep pain?

I have pain in my left TRICEP during pull-ups. I also had pain when my elbow would extend behind me, such as a dipping motion, but this seems to have subsided. Push-ups and press variants, that would normally be associated with triceps, DONT cause pain.

Is it normal for any kind of Tricep issues from pull ups?
What can I do to resolve this?

It started a few months back, during a time where I was doing a T Nation article’s recommendation of doing pull ups everyday for 30 days. I was probably not always warmed up, and often involved a “Kipping” motion as well.

Thank you!

I have no answers, but an observation: the triceps ties into the lat, such that it is possible to get sore triceps from lat work. And didn’t @T3hPwnisher tear a triceps deadlifting?
The body is one piece…

A comedy of errors that: I subluxed my left shoulder, which, in turn, compromised all my supporting structures in the middle of the rep and rapidly transitioned the load along the teres minor/tricep…which was not built to handle that weight, and promptly tore.

Weird bruising pattern that one

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It sounds like maybe you beat up your tricep tendon dropping violently into the bottom position with your arm all stretched out.

Are you still doing kipping pullups? Or any pullups at all?

Sometimes it just takes a little break from the move that’s messing you up to feel better.

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Thanks. What’s the going solution to heal a tendon ? Just time?

I have not done pull ups at all. I hang on the bar and occasionally pull a few to see if I still feel pain. It was originally worse, but still have the pain. This was originally maybe august that it occurred

Anti-inflammatories. Sometimes 800mg of ibuprofen clears things right up.

Exercise Sequence. Sometimes you can do light weight, high reps, with the muscle in the shortened position, to pump some blood in and warm things up before you do more intense moves. Like high rep cable or band tricep pushdowns with your elbows close to your sides to get a nice pump first thing on upper body days.

Wraps and compression. Get some “Voodoo Floss.” It’s like a rubber ace bandage. Wrap that stuff around the sore end of your tricep and see if it magically fixes you.

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