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Triceps Lagging


I feel as though my triceps are lagging compared to everything else and is holding me back from progressing in bench and shoulder press. Because of this I have been devoting a whole day out of the week to triceps and during that workout I just do close-grip bench and dips. Does anyone have any tips or have found any successful way of bringing up the triceps?


Tricep pulldowns and Overhead DB extensions have worked wonders for me aswell as what you said.
My tricep workout is:

Close Grip Bench, 4 sets
Overhead DB Extensions, 4 sets
Cable pulldowns, 4 sets


Man, join the club. Do you have any pictures? Curious to see other people's ideas of their lagging triceps.

How strong are you on tricep movements? Closegrip, dips, etc. How exactly do you go about training them (sets, reps, weight).

I hit them twice a week with different exercises (Closegrips, Cable overhead extensions, PJR (tricep focused) pullovers on one day, and higher rep pressdowns, skullcrushers, and machine dips another day). Been doing this protocol for about 6 weeks now and my arms are up almost half an inch.

Good luck bro. Big triceps are awesome.


If only the editor wrote an article about "The best of triceps"...:wink:


Reverse Grip Bench Press
Close Grip Bench Press
In-Human Press.

Should fix it up nicely


If you are trying to get past a sticking point on your pressing, use board presses, or use a power rack and set the stops so they are about 4 inches above your chest when lying on a flat bench and go as heavy as you can.


Tri sets- straight bar press down, reverse grip straight bar pressdown, cable press down.


Use machines.


real mass builders there (sarcasm implied).

Pressdowns with the whole stack 200lbs plus adding plates, is effective if the weights go that high e.g. you can add plates. Flaring elbows out mimics cgbp only flipped upside down which is nice for handling heavy weight.


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From now on only happy positive replies on T-Nation.

all cable moves for the triceps will really blow them up! Fuck see i can't do it.


I don't think it matters which exercise or bodypart you are training, you need to make sure you are working the muscle and not just lifting the weight from point A to point B. Blasting away with swinging and momentum with some added drama of yelling and cussing will impress your buddies and give some growth to your ego and maybe that bodypart for a little while but it will not last long. Some of your easier to stimulate muscles will respond to some extent but you will one day have to be honest with yourself and learn to lift with control.

I have the opinion that most people just throw the weight around just to lift heavier, get somebody to video you when you train and watch your form. I think most of the reps in a set should be perfect with no cheating, my preference is a controlled quick positive with a slower controlled negative, then as you end the set you should feel like you might need to swing, bounce, or use other muscles to get the rep started and might even have a much quicker negative just to continue the set.

It is up to you to figure out when that set should end and how much weight should ge used. So, I am not saying I use light weights, I use the heaviest weight I can use with control. I started lifting in 1979 and the idea back then was to train for feel to stimulate the muscle and I have left that many times just to hurt my joints so I have relearned many times to lift with my muscles and not my ego. Yes, you can lift in a different manner but have to access your results and it is up to YOU to decide if you need to change something.

Personalities, muscle makeup, and intelligence are very individual factors in your training, read other posts,decide on what sounds like it may be for you and give it a try.


i dunno man, i really enjoy cable movements for triceps and feel i've got some pretty good size on them


my arms suck...but, i think it's because my arms are really long and it will take time to really fill them out....

I like close grip benches, extensions, and pushdowns...


i'm home today so posting like man possessed. I enjoy cable stuff as well and agree it does add size, my response was based on someone else who cited all cable work not including CGBP or weighed dips.

I like cable work to get loose and/or for finishing and as mentioned I enjoy pressdowns as working sets for triceps w/ heavy weight, remembering heavy is relative. You do have thick Triceps brother.

MMF in the future, you got those thick tri's, i could make you famous.


Dip dip dip and dip some more,tricep dips are a great way to develop the whole tricep for size and strength area especialy the meidal head(middle head). With the tricep dip remember to keep your torso as straight as possable,eyes forward (do the opposite as a chest dip)and realy press explosivley with the triceps trying your hardest not to bring in the chest or shoulders. When you get the technique down and your pressing body wieght for 10 reps add some more weight, you can hold a dumbell between your feet or use a dip belt.Saying that ensure your using the triceps, lets build some muscle dont worry about the ego. The tricep dip should always be a staple of your tricep workout as a warm up or your first exercise or a finisher.
Be warned the day after the first time you do them PROPERLY you wont be able to lift your arms to shower.

A full tricep workout

Tricep dips
Close-grip bench press
Skull cushers
One arm extension:Lying on a flat bench with a dumbell in one hand with a neutral grip(palm facing in) straight up in the air and the other hand on the elbow for support, slowly lower the dumbell to your face and lift back to the start to the position squezzing your tricep throughout, repeat for reps and alternate arms.START WITH A LIGHT WEIGHT AS YOU ARE LOWERING A DUMBELL TO YOUR FACE AND IF THAT GOES WRONG YOU AINT GONA BE SO PRETTY.
This hits the long head of the tricep which makes up most of your tricep, you increasesize here and you will need new tight T-shirts.

If you want a great finisher grab a cable machine and do straight bar pushdown with a light weight and press for 3 minutes without stopping but wit control.OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Weighted Dips and variation of all else mentioned but stick with the weight dips


Reverse Grip Cable/Banded Skull Crushers


shoulder-width grip cable triceps pushdown with an ez bar attachment - work up to top set of 10-15 reps

close-grip bench press - work up to top set of 4-8 reps

HS dip machine if you have it - work up to top set of 6-12 reps.

free weight dips hurt my shoulders so i don't do them.

Right now i've only been doing cable triceps pushdown 1x a week, constantly progressing on it. I've never had problems locking anything out.


I don't know, I'm still a newb, but I've really found a liking for pressdowns. Doing narrow dips too, but the pressdown is one of my favorite exercises.


I think you would do better to add frequency over a full day of triceps. Setup a program designed to focus on arms for 6 weeks or so. I'm not sure what your program looks like now but you could add some triceps on chest day and add some biceps on back day and then have an arm day too later in the week. Increasing frequency could be just the trick if you have always worked triceps once a week.