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Triceps Holds for 3 Total Minutes

Hey CT,
For the triceps isometric for 3 minutes of total tension, I find with the dip in all position either my chest takes over in the bottom range and my shoulders take over in the top range.

  1. Is there another exercise I can do to target the triceps for the 3 minutes of total tension done for 3 weeks?

Update- after completing the chin up holds I now find my biceps activation is considerably better now and I feel them much better while doing biceps work which is great… Thanks again for the help


Set up the bar in the Smith machine on a low setting (you can start mid-thigh and lower it as you get stronger). Take a push up position on the bar, using a grip than is slightly narrower than shoulder width. Keep your elbows tucked to your side and lower yourself halfway down. The bar should be in line with the lower portion of your chest.


Hey CT,
Did this today worked great.

Just wondering-

  1. Do you have any tricks during the movement to maximise triceps activation? While I was doing the hold I was imagining pulling the bar apart. Is this the best way to maximise triceps tension?

Thanks again for the help,

Pretty much, yeah. It will at least decrease the reliance on the pecs. But if your mind-muscle connection with your triceps suck, it might take a while to feel them properly.

Ok Ill just stick with it working hard on the muscle mind connection. It wasnt until the 3rd week for biceps that is really started to kick in and now after Ive finished with the biceps holds, doing isolation bicep exercises have been awesome, feeling a strong connection and pump on each exercise I do…

Ill keep in touch with how I go with the triceps,