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Triceps getting bigger on one arm...

Im aware that everyone has one arm a little bigger then the other. In my case Im starting to get that nice horsehoe on my right arm (right handed) but my left arm is really laggin behind. Should I train the right arm less to let the left catch up? Im going to switch to more single dumbel excercises for a bit too. Any thoughts?

For a ~5% difference, work the weak arm first. ~15%, throw in an additional set or two for that arm. ~25%+, perform strictly maintenance work on the strong arm, numerous additional sets for the weak.

And in general, don’t do more reps with the strong arm than you do with the weak. Dumbbell exercises that work each arm individually will help.


You make it sound like this is an inevitability. It isn’t. Follow Knight’s advice, and you will see.

I would sugges that you do focus more on individualizing your amrs with DB work until the other arm catches up. Dont forget about the heavy movements tin which you use both arms, as these really slap the size on those tris, I would really try to connect your mind to that arm as you lift as this may cause more focus on that arm, good luck bro.

Excellent advice guys, thanks.