Triceps Extension Tightness


When I do overhead triceps extensions (both arms @ once) I often find my right tricep feels very tight on the extension during the later reps. Sometimes I end up having to bail because it feels as though I may pull/tear it.

Now, you say “go stretch” right? That’s what I thought, and I do, but when I stretch my triceps I don’t actually feel any stretch (I’m pretty flexible actually). One would think that if it was a stretching problem I would get the same feeling in my left tricep, but I don’t.

My skinny white guy overhead tricep extensions:
20lb x 10 (warmup)
40lb x 10 (warmup)
40lb x 10 (kinda have to work on this set)
50lb x X (as many as possible)
50lb x X (as many as possible)
50lb x X (as many as possible)

Am I not giving myself a sufficient warm up here? Or inefficient? I also find that I get the same feeling in my right pec when I do a straight bar bench press.

If it makes any difference, I’ve got hyper laxity in both shoulders.

Try just sticking with light weight for high reps for a few weeks.

By going to failure and then increasing the weight by 10 more pounds or so you’re putting alot of tension on your tris and you might risk over training them.

Instead of moving all the way up to 50lbs just do a few warm up sets, then add maybe 5-10 pounds and just do that weight for your work sets.

Another thing to be carefull of is some serious tendon problems with doing these…otherwise known as “elbow fu*kers” they have a habit of destroying people’s elbow tendons over time.

I’m recovering from the exact problem at the moment. No gym time to allow it to heal, it’s been around a week now and it still doesn’t feel right, but I will rest it untill it’s mended.

Good luck.

Thanks for the replies.

I don’t think I am overtraining them, since I am making consistent gains (rep wise) each workout. For my 50lb sets I got 9 - 7 - 5 reps respectively on last workout, so I think rather than just lower the weight I am going to try a different warmup and see if that helps.

thats a lot of f’ing pulldowns you’re doing… unless this is the first thing you’re doing in the gym, warming up isnt your problem.

as wings said, be weary of tendon probs. these are sharp pains, not a tightness as you said though. at a buck-30 you may just be hitting max hypertrophy on that particular muscle. its not uncommon that your muscle strengths be asymmetrical, especially when first starting. keep it up, dont overdo it, give it time.

I changed up my tricep warmup today and I’m happy to say I didn’t have any of the tightness I described in my first post. Not only that but I also got my highest reps yet which gives me a well needed mental boost.

30lb x 10 (warmup)
30lb x 10 (warmup)
30lb x 10 (warmup)
50lb x 10
50lb x 10
50lb x 9 (had to bail on 10th rep)
50lb x 6

I do triceps near the end of my workout.