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Triceps Extension Form?

So I hear bad form on triceps extensions can cause elbow tendinitis, but what exactly constitutes bad form on these? To me, I have always been told to keep my elbows in and maintain control. But… I have seen quite a few people preforming these with their elbows not tucked in toward their face. What’s right and what’s wrong?


Elbows up and in. As a mental cue, try to keep your forearms as close together as possible. Also try to keep your biceps touching your ears. Not plastered to your head, just touching.

As with any exercise, proper form forces you to use lower weight. This is a triceps extension not a behind-the-neck triceps press, your shoulders should not help move the weight.

try single arm extensions if u want balanced strength in each arm, i was doing over head extensions with 35kg db with both arms then switched to single arms and struggle completing 5 sets of 5 with 10kg db with the left arm so shows my right tricep far stronger then my left an was dominating in the move before i switched to single arm extensions