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Triceps/Chest/Shoulders Workout?


Since it's summer, I'm focusing a little more on upper body work and taking it easy on legs for a while, for obvious reasons (like the beach).
I've been doing a chest day, a triceps and biceps day, a legs day, and a shoulders and back day. After reading a good amount on these forums I decided to give something like this a try:

Day 1: Chest/Triceps/Shoulders
Day 2: Biceps/Back
Day 3: Chest/Triceps/Shoulders
Day 4: Biceps/Back
Day 5: Chest/Triceps/Shoulders

I lift 6-7 days a week, am 18 and only weigh 150 at 5'7". I don't consider myself too much of a shrimp (compared to my peers, not you guys), I actually have a decent upper body compared to many of my friends. My 1RM for bench is only 210, though.

I have just started to get serious about nutrition, immediately after discovering this awesome site actually. Hopefully I'll be putting on some weight in the near future.

My weight I can't really explain, so I guess I'll have to chalk it up to what you guys would call chicken legs, although I personally don't have much of a problem with how they are.

Anyway, I've never tried anything like hitting Chest, Triceps, and Shoulders all in the same day, so I've been trying to make a program and so far I have this:

  1. Triceps Lifts on bench (where you put your feet up on a bench and dip down)
  2. Flat Bench
  3. Flat Dumbbell Bench
  4. Triceps Pulldowns
  5. Incline Bench
  6. Incline Dumbbell Bench
  7. Military Press
  8. Shoulder Press w/ Dumbbells
  9. Flyes
  10. Triceps Raises (with a dumbbell behind back)
  11. Dips

The problems I have with it are these:
On paper it looks like it would take a long time, and I try to keep my workouts as close to an hour as possible because that's what I've been told is good.

I looked around and could only find other forum posters experimenting with a similar workout, no articles or anything. Does this mean this is a crappy idea? Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Take it easy on legs looks like you ignoring them. At your height and wieght I can venture to guess that your legs arent that well developed to ignore them. Hell yhou even say you have chicken legs now, and your going to ignore them more??? You say for the beach do you plan on not wearing shorts or never coming out of the water past your waist?? By all means if you feel the need you can specialize the upper body for a bit but dont forget the legs all together

other then that DAMN thats a ton of things for one workout a week let alone three times a week. how many sets of every excersize are you planning on doing??? You do realize if you want to get stronger and bigger you need to give those muscles time to heal. If your planning on doing three days a week of pressing etc I would drop that to maybe three excersizes a day at the most get in the gym and get out. hell add in one leg excersize each day. "stimulate dont annhilate them and it wouldnt them be the worst plan.

Just because there are 10000 different exercises for a few groups of muscles doesnt mean you have to use them ALL to get and effective program.

Id either do most but n ot all of what you listed one day a week or however long it takes you to FULLY recover 5-7 days Id venture to guess. Or cut it to a few exercises like One push, one to further hit shoulders ( dont forget the rear delts) and one for tris and a big compound for legs. Then youd be doing 9 exercises a week for the tri.s chest and shoulders and get the legs in as well.

still not the best prtogram but an improvement IMO.

Hope that helps,


Personally, I've got to think that the quality of effort would drop doing 11 exercises in one day.

I'm usually toast after about 5 or 6.


Oh I'm definitely not cutting out legs, day 6 I plan to do just legs.

I definitely feel that 11 lifts is way too many, too. I'm about to leave for the gym now and I'm gonna try this out:

  1. Flat Bench
  2. Flat Dumbbell Bench
  3. Triceps Pulldowns
  4. Incline Bench
  5. Military Press
  6. Shoulder Press w/ Dumbbells
  7. Flyes
  8. Triceps Raises (with a dumbbell behind back)
  9. Dips


This is obviously a joke and by the slimmest chance its not I got news for the person that started this thread this is a joke intentional or not.


Looks good, but you should work your chest and shoulders some more.

Oh please tell me this is a joke.


Seems like you are going to beat the shit out of yourself a little to much. You grow when your muscles rest.


You need to understand that by the time are you done with this workout, there is a good chance you wont even be able to perform a bodyweight dip unless you are lifting like a woman on your first 8 exercises.

Chest/Shoulders/Tri's is not a bad split, but come on man get real. You can only tear down a muscle so much in one day, and you can only repair so much muscle in one day.

If you are hell bent on this kind of split, I suggest you look at the ABsolution workout. You can play with the split..

1- Chest/Shoulder/Tris
2- Back/Bicep/Leg
3- Same as one
4- Same as two
5- Same as one
6- rest
7- rest

The next week start the week on day two so you will hit the chest/shoulder/tri group only two days.

Basically, you are going to burn out, or your workouts will be so innefective because you are so hacked up on volume that you dont train with ANY intensity.

If you train your pecs/delts/and tri 3 times a week, keep it to a minimum of two excercises per muscle group, and no more than 15-20 sets per workout.

Beyond that, it seems as though you randomly threw together excercises for which you have no idea why you picked them. You choose military press and DB press? Why not choose something that will hit the posterior deltoid a little more as the anterior are heavily worked in all your other pressing movements.

Wow...Im tired of typing. Here is your solution...

1) Go to the sidebar
2) Click a name under "Authors"
3) Find a tried and true workout
4) Go to the gym
5) Train hard as fuck
6) Eat a lot of clean food
7) Sleep
8) Grow

Sorry if this sounds like Im being a douche. Seriously, before building your own programs, read and try tons of others, and read about what constitutes a good program. Happy lifting!