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Triceps, Calves & Forearms Lagging

My training schedule is a common 5 day split:

Chest - Legs - Bis and Tris - Shoulders - Back… and repeat

While my chest and back workouts consist of plenty of heavy movements, I believe they are not really aiding my arms.

Arms day looks like:
4 x preacher curls x 15,12,10,10
4 x chin ups x 8,8,6,6
3 x dumbbell curls x 10,8,6,6 (each arm)
3 x hammer curls

4 x skullcrushers x 10,8,8,6
4 x dips x 15,10,8,8
3 x overhead dumbbell pulls up x 12,10,6
3 x cable extension x 15,12,10

Am I undertraining or undereating?
Considering adding light trciep workout with chest and light bicep workout with back.
I do not do direct forearm training and train calves with legs.

well with a diet of 0 calories i’d say you’re definitely under eating.

For starters, begin training arms, forearms, and calves like you mean it!

Give arms their own day. Train calves every other day. Lots of high reps and volume.

train lagging bodyparts more often. Shit ain’t rocket science.

Diet is mostly clean right now, at around 3800-4200 calories a day.
But im not too keen on it right now because I want to bulk up a lot more, a good 30-40lbs before I cut down.

Yes I guess I will start training calves every other day.
How long did it take for you for the calves to get to a decent size?

I was under the impression though that training biceps regularly takes care of the forearm needs- as how a lot of people get by.

As for bis and tris, I can’t seem to get to the right motion.
Most weeks I will notice good pumps, but soreness, rarely.
And too soon, it passes away, long before my next arms day arrives again, ie. 7 days.
Should I consider a lower volume 3 day split routine, performed twice every week?

I believe in frequency myself and I’m currently 3 weeks in the BBB 3 month challenge which I find anything BUT boring - in fact I really like it a lot.

Another split I have had good experience with is the push-pull type of training. You could say in general I like to train each bodypart twice each week.

A couple of other variations I have tried and felt gave me a boost was these:

But, if you’re up for a challenge and a new way to train - try the BBB 3 month challenge. I have yet not talked with anyone who’s tried it and NOT had good gains - both strength and size. It’s not easy, but easy won’t get you anywhere :wink:

If still on the heavy gear then try this…

For Tri’s I’ve found close grip bench is great for putting on size and strength. Heavy with a nice slow negative and exploding on the way up but not locking out and immediatley going right back down. Sets of 5-8 reps. You really need to focus on your triceps instead of compensating with pectoral engagement.

I’ve had similar issues with my calves in the past. Was born with itty bitty calves. They haunted me for years. Still not satified to this day. What helped me was really increasing the volume as others mentioned. Not just hitting them more days a week but on certain days ill do some supersetting with both heavy load and high rep volume in the beginning and end of my workouts. In addition, jump rope for 20min or so for cardio and additional pump. My calves are resilient. I really have to blast them hard and often if I want to see any sort of growth.