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Triceps and Elbows


I have a form question as exercises pertain to triceps. I have always been told (side note - anyone ever notice that newer guys like me always have a crowd that has "told" them shit? Where do we get this stuff?) that when doing exercises like skull crushers or overhead triceps extensions, elbows should stay "in," or close to the body. But, I see vids of the bigger dudes with elbows out. My question - does elbow position really matter? Should it be "in," until you amass enough size to negate this ability? Direction is appreciated.


Whatever feels best is what you should do. People have different leverages and make tweaks accordingly.



also you gotta do what works best for you. If tucking your elbows in makes you feel it more in your triceps then tuck your elbows. If you dont feel them working then flare them out a bit.


Bigger guys are probably trying to target certain parts of their triceps by angling their elbows differently. Most of us will never need to worry about that kind of stuff. Do what feels comfortable.