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Tricep Weirdness

So when I’m doing any flat or decline french-press type exercise, I get these weird little sensations, like something is popping out of place. Not in the elbow, not actual muscle pain, but what I “imagine” a ligament or tendon futzing around would feel like. It doesn’t hurt much, but it does feel “odd” and unpleasant and makes me wonder what’s going on. It’s mainly when I’m lowering the weight for a full forearm to bicep stretch that I feel it. Any idea what it might be, what I may be doing wrong, or other useful anecdotes? It’s not really severe enough for me to see a doctor just so he can say, “Quit liftin’ weights, yo.”

okay, thanks for the info.

OH MY GOD MAN YOU SUFFER FROM LACKONOOKIE, a rare disorder, you need to seek professional help immediately! It could also be simple cartilidge popping too. Cheers.