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Tricep vs Bicep strength

In this weeks Iron Dog column Don Alessi says that “Approximate strength ratio between the elbow extensors (triceps) and elbow flexors (biceps) is 1.6 to 1. So, if your maximal standing barbell curl is 100 pounds, then your lying decline triceps extension should be approximately 160 pounds.”.
Does this hold true for you guys? I dont come close wich was quite a suprise as I thought that if anything my triceps would be relatively stronger.

That’s no surprise. How many guys do nothing but bench presses & curls for the girls? It’s the same sort of thing as Ian King saying that someone’s bent over row poundage should be about the same as the bench press, which seems huge because most wouldn’t think of putting so much effort into rowing.

my gut is to tell you guys that there is a correlation but… louie simmons ive read can barbel curl all of about 135 for ten reps. I would bet my bank acount that he can do tri extensions for more than twice that.

No, My tricep extensions and bicep curls are pretty much the same. I do 100x6 for bicep curls and 105x6 for extensions.

That may be no suprise for most trainers but for me it is. I only work with compound movements, the arm work I do is reverse girp weighted chins and close grip bench presses. I do curls once in a blue moon.
I sometimes wonder about how definite Allesi’s statements are.

The idea is that the two should correlate this way for joint integraty, just because someone can do more than the ratio does not mean the ratio is invalid ( i.e triceps more than 1.6 stronger than biceps, also the idea that someones row should equal there bench is good in theory but to accurately test for balance between the shoulder retractors and the chest the row should be done in a bench pull position to eliminate the limiting factors such as lower back strength etc, as such my hammer strength row is similiar to my bench which I think is a more accurate testing method.