Tricep Training

Thank you all so much for replying, now I have a lot of ideas for my triceps. Maybe I am overtraining my tris a little, I usually do about 10 sets, along with shoulder and chest work. Can anyone tell me which of the reccomended exercises will really hit the lower part of my tricep? I am sure it has some fancy name, but in Charles Poliquin’s one day arm cure, there is this exercise where you use dumbells to do a version of skull crushers, but you twist the dumbells at the top, so they end up like you would if you did bench presses. I think the rope pushdown that someone mentioned is sort of like that?

Maybe I should do one of these supersets that people have mentioned, too? I really appreciate the help.

I do dips with the gravitron, hopefully I will be able to do them on my own someday! Also, for “seated half presses in the rack”, I just sit on a bench, with a tiny barbell, and bring it to the top of my head. So my head is the rack! My gym doesn’t have a power rack, and if it did, there is no way I could move the 45lb bar! I have enough trouble with the 20lb barbell!

what is larry scott’s website, i went looking for it and can’t find it