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Tricep Training

I’m currently doing dips, push downs, kickbacks, and french press for my tricep exercises. My arms aren’t growing like I’d like them to. I’m taking plenty of protein, calories and finasol. Any other exercises that could be recommended for packing on mass? Thx

Close grip bench presses, especially on a decline bench. Also, you’re not including any exercises that really put the triceps in the stretched position (overhead), which is necessary to put maximum emphasis on the long head. Try adding overhead extensions with a dumbbell or an EZ bar in order to overload the long head of the triceps by making it work against gravity. Also, lose the kickbacks altogether, or just use them as a finisher. They’re mostly a lateral head exercise, and you’re already hitting that with pushdowns. Keep the french presses; they’re good for working the mid-range of the ROM. Oh yeah, you could try seated half-presses in a power rack (one of Poliquin’s favorites).

You’re probably overtraining your triceps with all of those exercises, especially if you’re also peforming chest and shoulder work. If you’re training hard, eating properly, using androgens, and still not growing, the best thing to do is usually reduce the training volume, not increase it.

How does this fit in with the rest of your training, i.e. how often do you do other workouts that hit the triceps like any kind of presses for pecs and delts? How many rest days?
Are you making progress in the bench and overhead press? Are you concentrating on triceps development and have ‘optimized’ your workouts in that direction (i.e. doing triceps work first, backing off a bit on other body parts)?

reverse close-grip bench presses…mmmm…my new favourite exercise. be careful, though. they put a lot of strain on the wrists at first. also, the technique takes a while to get used to (as well as the looks youll get in the gym). and you DEFINITELY need a spotter. but when you get to the point where you can go heavy…mmmmmm…i think im going to go do some now…

Thx for the info on the triceps. As far as the rest of my training goes this is it: Chest and back one day / Legs and shoulders next/ Arms then I start all over again. I incorporate the small things like calfs, forearms, etc in those workouts. I’m concentrating on hitting the big muscles hard and packing on some size. I usually work out 3 days and then rest one. I’ll lay off the kickbacks and do some overhead presses with the dumbells. We don’t have a power rack so I can’t do the presses there…although I did read about it and I would like to try them. Genetics isn’t on my side due to my thin skeletal frame so all gains are hard for me. I’ll stay with the dips, presses, push downs and the decline presses. Any other ideas let me know. Thx again. Hope this all made sense.

There is a lot more to it than exercise selection. Vary the volume, intensity, etc. until you find what works. Buy ‘Get buffed’

I think I invented a new tricep move that is tough to do but puts mucho stress on the meaty part. Dumbell close grip bench press on flat or decline. These reqire extreme control and can easily lead to injury if you don’t stay focused. Don’t go to low in bottom position. You’ll also be humbled by the weight. Start light to get the feel. Has anyone ever tried this?

You are probably overtraining your triceps. Remember FULL INTENSITY!!! NEVER work a muscle group like triceps for over an hour and use the limited time you have together to really smash them. Idealing you would finish them with enough intensity in 30 minutes. And stop reading Flex magazine…

Read the top ten triceps exersices on this vary own site

You are definitely overtraining them. The triceps are involved in both chest and shoulder movements. As such, you’re hitting them on every training day. Try moving shoulders to the arms day, and putting a day of rest after legs.

Try training legs… heh… seruiously though

Floor presses, dips & close grip banch presses are all good. I think the most important thing though is to give yourself a chance. If you haven’t been training them very hard for a long time, just be patient.

Thx for the info guys…I might be overtraining a bit so I’ll watch it. I don’t read flex magazine by the way. I read my T-mag when it comes out…over and over until the next one comes. Thx again for the advice.

If you really are naturally skinny (ectomorph), you should reduce the number of exercises overall. Listen to the audio interview with Poliquin in the audio files on this web site. One of his pieces of advice is that ectomorphs should perform fewer exercises. Also, I would not train more than two days in a row, especially since you are an ectomorph.

I suppose I’ll chime in now. I seriously doubt you read T-mag much since you’re only doing dips, push downs, kickbacks, and french presses for triceps. Do you do those 4 exercises all year long. If you want your triceps to grow, then change the exercises you’re doing, prioritize them, and get ready to grow. I also don’t like the idea of pairing up arms if you want them to grow. Try pairing chest w/ biceps and triceps w/ back, and prioritize so chest and triceps are performed first. Read the articles on T-mag and you’ll find plenty of exercises that will pack on mass. Pressdowns and kickbacks are 2 sissy movements and you shouldn’t be doing them.

I really appreciate everyones input. First off I’m no ectomorph…I’m 5’8 and I weigh 175lbs. My goal is to be a solid 195lbs. I do read T-mag where I did learn that dips are one of the more recommended exercises for tricep growth. I know pushdowns and kickbacks are candy ass exercises but some variation is good in an exercise program…I guess. I’ll stick with weighted dips/overhead dumbell press/and close grip bench or something to that effect. I’ve been wanting to do the power rack presses for triceps but we don’t have one at the gym I’m at now. Thx again.