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Tricep Tendonosis Rehab

I have had tricep tendonosis and it hasn’t been getting better with rest so I went in and got some PRP therapy done. Now I need to figure out a rehab plan to strengthen the tendon back up.

I can’t afford to see a physical therapist so I’m hoping someone here with experience could help me lay out a rehab plan for my elbow. I would like to get something setup that is structured w/ what exercises, how many reps, what weight to start at, how many days per week, etc.

This has kept me from doing much of anything with my upper body for too long and I need to get it better.

Thanks in advance for any help

Tricep Tendinitis Rehab
The tendon needs 2 things to heal
1- cell stimulation
2- progressive overload
1 Cell stimulation > Vodoo flossing in the triceps , Tricep release on barbell , Gua sha all this before any tricep rehab exercise
2 Progressive Overload > Phase 1 (1 to 7 weeks)
●Eccentrics : eccentric table pushups ( 4 seconds eccentric only injured arm , and 1 second concentric assisted with good arm) everyday 3x10 reps , 2 min rest , and/or Eccentric tricep pushdowns (4 secs eccentrics only recovering arm , and assisted 1 to negative phase again)

Phase 2 (week 7 to 14)
Heavy Slow concentrics and eccentrics (303 tempo) tricep pushdowns , increasing weight per week and decreasing reps (3x15>3x12>3x10, etc)
Reintroduce exercises in this second ohase slowsly