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Tricep Tendonitis?

Hey I'm 34 going to be 35 in december, hope you guy's can help me out. I finished a four and a half month law enforcement academy about a month ago and I have an injury that sucks and I was wondering if anyone out there might have advice on how to get better.

They had us do thousands of push-up’s. Along the way I tore up my left elbow. I went to the doctor and he said take advil, ice it and don’t use it. Well I lift weights 3 to 5 times a week but I can’t bench, or military press or anything else that irritates it. The problem is it’s not getting any better and my chest and tricepts are shrinking. Any suggestions? Thankx

Where is your pain?

There are a number of different things it could be. If I were you, I’d get in and get some treatment from someone. A physio, massage therapist, or even a good chiropractor. Accupuncture may work, same with ART. Ice, rest and NSAIDs work, but since it’s not settled down in a month, there’s more to it.

I agree with the previous post. Go see someone who knows a thing or too about sports injuries and myofacial release. A massage therapist, PT, or chiro will probably be your best bet. ART works wonders. Inquire about flexibility.