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Tricep Tendonitis, Exercises Needed

Hello, i messed my elbow up a few weeks ago nice big bruises on back of elbows, continued training, just higher reps lower weights on tricep exercises and upright rows,

anyway i went to the physio and he said i had loads of scar tissue near the back of the elbow so he blasted it with ultasonics, he has suggested essentric exercises to strengthen the tendons so has anyone got any good suggestions

I’m sure you mean eccentric. An eccentric motion is defined as when the muscle lengthens as it resists movement of the weight. Most exercises (at least the ones I can think of) use both eccentric and concentric motions. So that would be the downward movement of a bicep curl, or also the extension of the bicep muscle. As to exercises that have only concentric movements…I think Tim wrote a few articles where he specified a program that used concentric motion specifically for a portion of the the training. Your best bet would be to use search.

I had elbow tendonitis about a month ago. I just laid off exercises for about 3 weeks, and it healed. It seems yours is more damaged than that.

Here ya go, article posted by CT himself about his program, and in it, he specifies some eccentric motion exercises.

List of possible upper body eccentric exercises according to CT:

Eccentric Strength

Upper body push: super slow eccentric bench press (8-10 seconds eccentric, normal lifting, 3-5 reps), manual accentuated eccentric (partner pushes down on the bar during eccentric, releases during concentric, 4-6 reps), eccentric-only dips for max reps (as many reps as you can while lowering in 5-8 seconds), heavy eccentric-only dips (5 seconds down, 1-3 reps), eccentric-only bench press (down in 5 seconds, 1-3 reps), three-pause bench press (three 3-second pauses during the eccentric portion: start of lowering phase, mid-range, and 2 inches from the chest, 3-5 reps), all of these can also be done on the incline or decline bench press.

Upper body pull: eccentric-only chins-ups for max reps (as many reps as you can while lowering yourself in 5-8 seconds), eccentric-only pull-ups for max reps, eccentric-only chin-ups/heavy (5 seconds down, 1-3 reps), eccentric-only pull-ups/heavy, three pauses lat pulldown ( three 3-seconds pauses during the eccentric portion of the movement), three pauses seated rowing.