Tricep Tendon Surgery Advice

Without going into all the details, I ruptured my triceps tendon (complete tear) on June 11, and had surgery the 12th. I am coming up on four months out and am itching like crazy to start lifting again. I am currently 6’6 255 (lost 30 pounds since surgery, guess why…) and 42 years old. I have continued to lift legs and do cardio, but my upper body has atrophied pretty bad. I have lost 2 inches off of each of my arms (down to 18), my chest is getting softer by the day, and in general, I look like shit.

If anybody has gone through this surgery, can you give some advice on 1)the best supplements AAS or other, to help me on my long road to recovery. I will say ahead of time that growth hormone is not an option at this point (unless the Dr. prescribes it), but just about anything else is available to me, and 2) exercises that do not involve therabands (I am sick of them) that I can start doing to rebuild my tri’s. The Dr. has his timeline, but he is conservative for liability’s sake.

I tried to do some pushdowns, and I am definitely not ready for those yet. I have done some very light dumbbell presses and flies, and they feel pretty good.
Oh, by the way, I was benching 435, about 3/4 up, and my spotter was sleeping on the job. I felt the tear and slide down into my upper arm, but by some crazy miracle, I was able to push it up and rack it. Then I started cussing. Alot.
It may be that I am just going to have to face it that time wise, I need to wait. But if anyone has been through this, I’d appreciate your input.

I don’t know much about your experience with gear. But I read an interesting article online about a guy who was in a house fire and the place came down on him. He knew a lot about training and gear. He watch his whole body go down the tubes with injuries etc.

He used mild doses at first of Test-E and EQ. With his rehab treatment. He secretly started working out as much as he could. He eventually surpassed all goals and was able to get back to his old job and everything worked out for him. I am no expert with gear I do know that moderate training and some Test or what ever will go a long way to help in your recovery.

I hope in someway this helps you. I know what its like to “itch” for the gym and something is holding you back.

Best of Luck Bro

I just ruptured my Achilles so have been looking into tendon repair myself. I’ve been keeping my fish oil and BCAA supps high. Also looked into Anthony Roberts opinion on using IGF-1 for tendon repair. Looks interesting and is easily available. Just depends on wether you mind injecting straight into the tendon, eek. There are several articles here on T-Nation that apply too just start searching.

If it’s too soon for the weights try and get in the swimming pool and do some laps mixing up your strokes. It will at least stop the atrophy. You’d be supprised at the wouk out you can get.

Good luck

I am experienced with gear, having used on and off for 20 years. I have used all the old stand bys, but had recently had surprising success with just sust and anavar. I had always thought of var as too mild, but really liked the results I was having with it up until the aforementioned unfortunate incident.

I know what AAS does for muscle, but are far as the tendon itself goes, can they aid in it’s recovery? Or is time about the only hope? I would also hate to waste any juice if my body isn’t ready for it.

keep in mind that you are old, and that old muscle is not as strong as young muscle.

I don’t recomend you set your goals as lifting what you were before, as your body has clearly told you that is no a good plan.

the secret to rehab is basically progressive weight. - Train the injured arm with the maximum risistance it will alow you to do without feeling pain. Of course there is good pain and bad pain, but i am sure you will know what I am talking about.

The majority of your rehab should be done without supraphysiological levels of AAS however, as you want to strengthen the area of the tear. If you use AAS you are likely to strengthen the uninjured sections faster, which will just cause it to pull apart again.

From what I’ve recently researched, if anything an AAS cycle would put more stress on a weakened tendon, as you would be adding strength and size to the muscle without the tendon getting stronger or more supple. I think HGH and IGF are more useful in tendon repair.

The tendon will take much longer to heal than muscle. Take it slow. If you feel the need, stick to more of an HRT level of T just for overall well being. My 2cents, would love to hear from others more qualified than me as I’m wrestling with the same issues.

[quote]Prisoner wrote:
/keep in mind that you are old,/ .[/quote]

Ow, damn!
I don’t feel old, I don’t look old.
Age is just another label, the mans way of keeping us down.

Just kidding. Yeah, my body told me not to lift so heavy anymore. Thats ok, I can still be big. I didn’t get this big and this OLD by being stupid.