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Tricep Tendon Just Repaired


Ok so I have been on and off gear for a few years very responsibly and monitored at all times. I am almot 34 just had tricep tendom repaired last friday for a partial tear. How long should I wait before using gear again and any ideas on a good cycle. I was thinking just a basic test with deca for about 8-10 weeks. I have a good diet and currently taking next 2 weeks off then gonna start cardio until I can actually lift again. Appreciate any ideas and feedback.


Use low test, high deca/boldenone/, HGH, and peptides to reduce your healing time greatly.


Igf-1, platelet rich plasma (PRP), GHRH, hGH. Growth hormone/factors or derivatives have great healing properties, hyperplasic and hypertrophic


Ok got some dec and low test ready but where to get legit IGF-1 my source is over 2 months, also I have heard HGH is not good now but later for a full 6 months will be better


there is no such thing as legit igf unless its from a pharmacy, it can either be obtained through a doctor or illegally... Dont use ugl, you will need connections and some luck.
why wouldnt hgh be good now? it is IGF bigger fancyer brother


Just hearing different things from different people and the actual DR as well, supposidly wont do anything until later becuase tendon acutally has to reattatch itself to the bone first then can use. Def gonna try IGF and stuff just wanna get back to gym this is killing me.


Just went through this. Complete tendon tear along with one head torn. Consider this an opportunity to blast your legs.....because you must allow the tendon to heal before you strengthen it. Your graft will hold but take it easy. Just heal and then when your physio therapist and doc allow you start with band work and progress to extremely light db and cable work.

Inch your way back and accept the fact that you won't be pounding weights and making gains pressing or doing direct tri work for a while. A partial tear will likely bounce back faster than what I experienced but still, take it slow and prepare to be humbled and frustrated. As for drugs....I felt HGH helped speed recovery time and my surgeon was amazed with the progress. Keep test in the trt range for a long while, as high test has neg effects on collagen. EQ deca and var are all collagen friendly and should be the base of any comeback cycle you start with alongside trt test. Deca and npp have nice anti inflam properties. You'll quickly know lots about inflammation and scar tissue....take steps to address them.