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Tricep Tendon Injury?

A couple of months ago I was doing reverse grip bench and injured my tricep. Stupidly I have been trying to train on it and still benching, something I have now stopped.

It is the middle of the tricep, and hurts most when I grip the bar when squatting. Benching is fine but OHP gives some pain. If I straighten my arm out and tense it I can feel the strain on my tricep.

Does this sound like a tendon injury and is there anything I can do to help it recover? I’m only deadlifting at the moment to try and rest.

You could try high rep band tricep Pushdowns with a mini band. Keep your shoulders depressed and your elbows near your sides.

The way the band gradually adds resistance as it stretches without excessive pressure in the stretched position is supposed to be great for tendons.