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Tricep Strain/Brachialis Tendonitis Left Arm


hi, in the last few weeks ive unfortunately developed some tendonitis in my brachialis along with a tricep strain/tear both in my left arm. its a bummer considering i also started a bulk phase a few weeks ago as well, which at the start i was feeling pretty great about the early stages. which brings me to my next few questions;

•should i avoid all upper body excercises, some, or just the ones on my left side? i
•should i continue with lower body during the treatment/rehab?
•my caloric intake macros were ~3120 cals (255P/300C/100F). what would recommended modications be (assuming there were any) due to the change in training and/or resting?

i have an appointment with a PT in a few days, but i wanted to hear some community feedback in the meantime, if at all possible.