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Tricep Spasms, Overtraining?

For the last 19 years I have worked out consistently at home with free weights and a dip station. A couple months ago I joined a gym and have broken some Plateaus. I have been implementing alot of cable work and focusing on my Triceps and Forearms. For the last week my Left tricep has been spasming throughout the day, everyday. The timing is random but can be anywhere from 3 times in 5 minutes to once every 30 minutes. The spasm is pretty strong. You can see my shirt sleeve move from it sometimes. Today my right tricep started to do the same thing but much lighter and it was only a couple times. Could this be from over training? Vitamin deficiency? I’m training arms/shoulders twice a week and chest/back twice a week. Im on TRT but havent injected up top in a few weeks.

I meant to post this in injuries.