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Tricep Pain Getting Worse


having a bad pain in my triceps when lifting... didn't really think it was anything to worry about just a sore muscle. but today i stopped working out early due to the pain again. it started today while i was just warming up on my bench press and progressively got worse. the only thing that has changed in my routine is that i recently stopped taking the pro hormone superdral... could this be causing it???


Try resting


yeah i did that... thought everything was better and as soon as i started again the pain came back


How long did you rest for?


about a week or so... id still go to the gym but just stayed away from the tris. its not sore like i haven't worked out in awhile. but the best way to describe it would be like a shin splint but only in my arms...


I had a pain in my tricep when benching, or doing pushup etc. It was the upper tricep where the shoulder meets the tricep. I read around a bit and it sounded like tendonitis. I've been resting it for over a month and just did some fairly light incline pressing and it was fine.

A week is obviously not enough.

All i can say is to do a search for others who had similiar problems. Fastest way to get answers.


yeah i was thinking about doing a search too. wasn't sure if it would be related from stopping that superdral cycle i was on... i never took a break from working out prior to it so i didn't think it would be likely to strain it that bad or a type of tendinitis... but i could be wrong... thanks


how do your pecs feel after benching? Do you have really long arms? does varying the width of your grip affect the pain?


i have some sort of tendonitis in my forearm.. ive been going to physio. The pain sounds very similar to what is steaming MY beans

Ice it for 20 minutes do some stretching and some strength exercises?


Could be tricep tendonitis, I had it a few months ago.

I iced both of my arms for a week, didn't do any triceps exercises and actually didn't do any pressing for that week. I iced my arms everyday, maybe averaging about 1 hour every day. I then started doing low volume triceps work, high repetitions with relatively low weight. They mostly looked like warm-up sets. Iced my arms after the triceps sessions. A few pain free weeks later I started to push my arms more and I seem to be doing fine still. I'm kinda scared of maxing out on pushdowns because the lockout seems to put a lot of stress on my triceps. Pullovers seem to work just fine and are pain free.

Hope that helps.


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I'm curious. I seem to remember a couple threads where bicep/brachialis tendonitis came up and I think you had mentioned alternating heat/ice (but end on ice to reduce inflammation). Am I just completely misquoting you or is there a reasoning behind the change in advice?

What I thought the protocol should be was to ice immediately afterwards and then heat before bed.


I have the same problem in my left tricep. It is tendonitis, and it flares up from time to time. I adivse to take ibuprofin for the swelling, and pain. Ice does help..( All this came from a sports Doc.) Gotta keep the swelling down so it can heal. I refuse to lift lighter, and take extended time off, so I purchased a sleeve for when I bench heavy. Does it help, Yes! Like a freaking dream.. Just that slight bit of support goes a long way.. I have also found that it never really heals, so it will be an ongoing problem to deal with as long as you lift.. Stay healthy, and good luck..


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I'm sorry I was not aware this was the know it all thread for A'holes.. I guess your right for hijacking some guys thread that is looking for some insight.
So I guess I will arm chair quarterback the rest of my life and do nothing.. Are you aware that if you do train, at all, you will have chronic injuries when you push yourself?


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LMAO!!! Drive on, I wash my hands.. keithcuda I do apologize.. I hope you did get something out of your question..


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I dunno my physiotherapist said to ice it for 20 minutes... the first 7 - 10 minutes would be uncomfortable but after that things would open up and something something I can't remember exactly what he said