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Tricep Pain from Snatch

Hey. I have this pain on the inside of my arm every time i snatch. I checked anatomy drawings and the pain is in the tricep but really at the elbow joint. Has anybody else suffered from this?


i think it is elbow tendonitis. i find it when i do a lot of heavy (for me) snatches (so intensity increase) or when i do a lot of light (for me) snatches (so volume increase). especially if i do a lot of bar work or work with less than the bumpers so i need to gently lower things.

i read that slow negatives can help with tendonitis. then someone from the gym said (and it made sense to me) that it is about high reps at a lower weight helping increase the bloodflow to the region so it can heal better.

he suggested curls. lolz. i’ve never done curls in my life. also… triceps pushdowns (i think they are called).

i’m getting some resistance bands. apparently they are a lot better for prehabby / rehabby kinds of things because of the stretch in the band being a bit gentler than lugging weights even with cable machines.


p.s., take your fish oil if you don’t already. people have started swearing by circumin, too, but i haven’t tried it.

Why not do curls and some dips? You will need a general level of conditioning to prevent injuries etc.

OP have you had issues with your elbows before?