Tricep Medial Head Popping Out

So I Used to lift about 1 year ago, but I Had to quit do to my job ,14 hr shifts everyday for almost a year .

So im starting from zero again ,but i have a problem with my right arm tricep.

The medial head has like a big lump ive had this since i can remember and i dont recall an '‘ouch’'moment when i was training to tell you if this happened during a workout.The muscle is really tense/strained , when i touch it ,it doesnt really hurt but it feels unnatural and a little discomfort in the elbow and sometimes it hurts a little in my elbow not on the lump when i do overhead tricep extensions, I was thinking this might be a minor tear or something like that? Since i dont have much muscle right now the medial head literally looks bigger than the long head , What could this be?

Also that same arm is an inch smaller than my left arm.


You are probably correct that it is, more than likely, a minor tear. I wouldn’t be too concerned with it unless it really bothers you a lot during your activities. Good luck.